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Dark Silence book pdf download for free or read online, also Dark Silence pdf was written by Mary Stone.

BookDark Silence
AuthorMary Stone
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Dark Silence Book PDF download for free

Dark Silence Book PDF download for free

Silence is the most terrible cry…

When the beloved pastor of a small inner-city church is killed in a shooting while delivering sandwiches to the homeless, Savannah homicide detective Charli Cross takes the case. Who would really want to kill a man who does so much good? And because?

More importantly…was the pastor chosen on purpose or randomly?

Dark Silence Pdf Download

As Charli and her partner, Detective Matthew Church, try to answer these questions, another shootout ensues… and then another. Soon the city will be scared, and with good reason. With every kill, nothing will really calm its citizens except catching the so-called “Savannah Sniper” before he strikes again.

But how? With no links to the victims and no leads other than some grainy video footage and vague testimonies, they have no idea who or when their next victim will be.

As the body count mounts, Charli knows one thing for sure. There’s nothing more dangerous than a killer who has nothing to lose.

Suspenseful and unpredictable, The Dark Silence is the fifth book in the Charli Cross series from bestselling authors Mary Stone and Donna Berdel. Do you think words are powerful? You might want to think again.

Detective Charli Cross and Detective Matthew Church are assigned to the case of a murdered pastor. Charli and Matthew question some witnesses; However, they could not provide much information. Charli and Matthew wonder why anyone would want to kill a pastor. Before they finish killing the pastor, another murder happens, then another, and another. Now they ask who wants to kill a pastor, a shopkeeper, a nurse and a therapist. Are the murders related or are they random?

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The FBI and GBI are brought in to help with the case. Charli has a theory about the murders and one of the FBI agents makes life difficult for her. Preston shows up to help on the case, and he and Charli have interesting interactions.

Never far from Charli’s mind, Madeline has received notes from someone who may be Madeline’s killer. It seems Charli is being pursued by Madeline’s killer. What have you got planned for her?

I look forward to the next book. I highly recommend this book along with the first four books.


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