Download Desired By The Alien Bodyguard [PDF] By Presley Hall

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Desired By The Alien Bodyguard book pdf download for free or read online, also Desired By The Alien Bodyguard pdf was written by Presley Hall.

BookDesired By The Alien Bodyguard
AuthorPresley Hall
Size273 KB

Desired By The Alien Bodyguard Book PDF download for free

Desired By The Alien Bodyguard Book PDF download for free

Fate forced us to be together. Will the dangers we face separate us?

When technical failures force us to leave The Oasis, I end up alone in an escape pod with a handsome Civonian warrior named Raza.

If our situation was bad to begin with, it will be much worse when the pod fails, separating us from the others and heading towards the surface of the planet where we hoped to settle.

The last thing Raza says to me before we break down is, “I’ll protect you.”

But it’s only after we climb out of the rubble that I realize how serious he meant those words.

With the two of them missing together on a strange new planet, he feels it his duty to act as my bodyguard, and when an alien creature attack blinds me, I must accept his help no matter how much I hate it. to be dependent on someone. .

But as we travel through the landscape together, something changes between us. I develop feelings for my protective extraterrestrial bodyguard, every touch awakens an intense desire in me.

But can I find the courage to admit that I’m in love with him?

Or will the threats on the horizon kill us both before he gets a chance?

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Wanted by the Alien Bodyguard is a full-length standalone sci-fi romance starring a fiercely protective hero and a heroine who learns that love is not a weakness.

If you like sexy aliens, thrilling adventures, and riveting romance, you’ll love this series. No cheating, no suspense and happily ever after guaranteed!

Desired By The Alien Bodyguard Book Pdf Download

I loved seeing Raza and Samantha trust each other as they faced both physical and emotional challenges. It definitely works as a standalone story despite being part of a series. HEA guaranteed!

The story kept me in my place, actually it was because of Raza. It was easy to love. Samantha is hard to like at first, she’s stiff and stubborn, but as the story progresses we get to know the real one. The Samantha in the beginning and the Samantha in the end are polar opposites. It only took one race to bring forth the real Samantha.

I enjoyed reading this. There is still danger, adventure and action to be expected from this story. I can’t wait for the next book in the series.

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