Download Don’t Pretend I’m Yours [PDF] By Natasha Anders

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Don’t Pretend I’m Yours Book pdf download for free or read online, also Don’t Pretend I’m Yours pdf was written by Natasha Anders.

BookDon’t Pretend I’m Yours
AuthorNatasha Anders
Size4.1 MB

Don’t Pretend I’m Yours Book PDF download for free

Don't Pretend I'm Yours Book PDF download for free
Don’t Pretend I’m Yours Book PDF download for free

When Ben Templeton asks Lilah Beckett to marry him, she’s over the moon. She’s been in love with him for years and now, finally, it looks like those feelings are reciprocated. She eagerly accepts his proposal, but on her wedding day, all expectations of a happily ever after with the love of her life come crashing to her feet. 

Don’t Pretend I’m Yours Pdf Download

Lilah discovers that her new husband does not love her; he barely even likes her. He married her for all the wrong reasons and now expects her to be satisfied with the scraps of affection and attention he throws her way.

To preserve her heart and her sanity, Lilah knows that she cannot allow this sham of a marriage to continue. But her much-loved grandfather is ecstatic about the union and to avoid disappointing him, Lilah informs Ben that she’ll play at being his wife for one year only. Ben, however, seems perfectly content to remain tethered to her in a loveless union for all eternity. He has his own reasons for marrying Lilah. Reasons he’s hiding behind a wall of secrets, half-truths, and blatant lies.

And when that wall comes tumbling down, Lilah is emotionally unprepared to deal with the further devastation and heartbreak that follow.

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