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Exam Warriors book pdf download for free or read online, also Exam Warriors pdf written by Narendra Modi.

Narendra Modi serves as the Prime Minister of India, the world’s biggest democracy. After leading his party in India’s first full parliamentary majority government in three decades, he has been the Prime Minister since May 2014. His victory was fueled by historic support from India’s youth, especially first-time voters.
As Prime Minister, Modi has presided over transformative economic and social sector reforms that have given a strong impetus to India’s growth trajectory.
The education sector in particular has been close to Modi’s heart. He is an inspirational leader for the indian youth. His monthly radio show ‘Mann Ki Baat’ is very popular in all walks of society. In this show he addressed exam warriors first in 2015 and then later in 2016 and 2017.

BookExam Warriors
AuthorNarendra Modi
Size7.9 MB
CategoryMotivational Books

Exam Warriors Book PDF download for free

Exam Warriors Book PDF download for free

This book is for all the students taking the exam. They are “examination warriors”, brave youths who take part in the exam festival. The book makes the important point that when it comes to the exam, there is no need to worry excessively or see it as a life or death situation.

The book seeks to contribute to the debate and discourse about the importance of stress-free exams and the need to acquire knowledge about grades. It aims to be a catalyst that drives debate whose ultimate beneficiary will be our test warriors. The more we talk about these topics, share our thoughts and experiences, and learn from each other, the better chance we have of ensuring that our children have childhoods full of fun, which they enjoy. are entitled. It is our collective duty to ensure that their childhood is burdened with examinations and “what do I do now?” You Don’t have to get bogged down by constant worry.

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In the spirit of continuing the dialogue, this book includes activities that are fun and thought-provoking. On some pages, students can even write their own mantras to inspire their fellow exam warriors.

Exam Warriors Pdf Download

The book also includes a series of asanas and breathing exercises. Exam warriors should make yoga a part of their life. From overcoming stress to getting in shape, there are many benefits to practicing yoga.

Being a firm believer in the power of technology, I have integrated this book with the Narendra Modi Mobile App. After all, it’s about sharing and growing: exam warriors can share their exam journey with others and know how others have started their journey through the app.

I have also written about other aspects, such as why one should always pursue one’s passion, strive to find oneself, and why youth should play sports, travel a lot and spend some time serving the society. Must spend The “smaller” but equally important areas of the exam discipline and the importance of presentation are also covered in the book.

No testing journey is complete without the support of parents and teachers. I have also written to him, thanking him for the important role played by him and seeking his continued support in encouraging our exam warriors.

The many contributions from students, parents and teachers before ‘Mann Ki Baat’ and several letters that followed the exam season were particularly helpful in writing this book.

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