Download Fake Dates & Ice Skates [PDF] By Janisha Boswell

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Fake Dates & Ice Skates Book pdf download for free or read online, also Fake Dates & Ice Skates pdf was written by Janisha Boswell.

BookFake Dates & Ice Skates
AuthorJanisha Boswell
Size1.8 MB

Fake Dates & Ice Skates Book PDF download for free

Fake Dates & Ice Skates Book PDF download for free
Fake Dates & Ice Skates Book PDF download for free

Wren Hackerly loves routines. She has always been a woman to stick by a schedule and work towards her end goal no matter the costs.

The very last thing in her five year plan was to get caught in a fake dating plot with the one hockey player she just about tolerate.

Fake Dates & Ice Skates Pdf Download

Miles Davis is a rule breaker and a flirt – everything that Wren is not used to and does not want to get used to. It doesn’t help that he’s one of the most popular people to ever set foot on North University’s grounds.

After much convincing, a few parties and an awkward family meeting later, Wren and Miles navigate the world of social media trolls and the harsh truths of living up to their potential. The more time Wren spends with him, she can slowly feel herself slipping out of the mould she has been in her entire life. For the most part, she kind of enjoys it, but there is a gnawing feeling like this is what is going to distract them from their goals. When the line between what’s real and what’s fake begins to blur, will either of them admit to feeling things that aren’t just pretend?

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