Download Her Greatest Adventure 2 [PDF] By Hannah Cowan

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Her Greatest Adventure 2 Book pdf download for free or read online, also Her Greatest Adventure 2 pdf was written by Hannah Cowan.

BookHer Greatest Adventure 2
AuthorHannah Cowan
Size853 KB

Her Greatest Adventure 2 Book PDF download for free

Her Greatest Adventure 2 Book PDF download for free
Her Greatest Adventure 2 Book PDF download for free


I’ve been planning my trip across the world for years. So, imagine my surprise and utter disappointment when unforeseen circumstances leave me with no travel companion and a wallet too empty to reschedule. Far too stubborn to cancel, and left with little options, I turn to the only person who just so happens to have the entire summer free.

Cooper White is my older brother’s best friend. He’s the fixer. The sweet one with all the right words. I expect him to be boring and quiet.

Her Greatest Adventure 2 Pdf Download

 But with each day we spend together, I’m learning that there’s more to him than meets the eye. We quickly become best friends, but one drunken night is all it takes to change everything.

And now . . . now he’s my husband.


Adalyn Hutton is an enigma. I never expected us to grow so close so fast, but she’s impossible to keep at a distance. Each day spent with her slowly chips at the wall I built between us until there’s nothing left of it but rubble.

Considering my friendship with her brother, accidentally marrying her should be the mistake of a lifetime. But it feels like the opposite. There’s no turning back now. One glance at my ring finger and I’m reminded of the promise we made to one another, and I can’t seem to look away.A Swift Hat-Trick trilogy second-generation series. Stand-alone. epub

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