Download House Of Pounding Hearts [PDF] By Olivia Wildenstein

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House Of Pounding Hearts book pdf download for free or read online, also House Of Pounding Hearts pdf was written by Olivia Wildenstein.

BookHouse Of Pounding Hearts
AuthorOlivia Wildenstein
Size4.7 MB

House Of Pounding Hearts Book PDF download for free

House Of Pounding Hearts Book PDF download for free

Fallon finds himself an involuntary resident of the Kingdom of Heaven rather than returning home to Dante. Although he feels it’s all a big misunderstanding with fate, he tries to direct his own life and decisions. What follows is a twisted political game, devious schemes and misinformation that ultimately bring Fallon to the door of death. When you finally hug your partner, those connections finally come into play to shake the trust you’ve built.

I’ve been waiting for the second book of Kingdom of Ravens since I read the first book – Mrs. Wildenstein had me spellbound with the story of Fallon and Lorcan. I knew this was going to be a slow romance, but the author has mastered it here – be prepared for a lot of suspense that builds until it gets too much and things get hot, really hot.

House Of Pounding Hearts Pdf Download

Our main female character, Fallon, who wasn’t my favorite character before, changed her mind! In HoPH she is more mature and not as naïve as she used to be (thank goodness!), here we see that change in her on the pages which was a very good move by the author. She is not a warrior, but she can make good decisions with her knowledge. This book was so good at showing his journey that it surprised me, even more so than the first book!

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Be prepared for another cliffhanger where I almost threw my Kindle out the window knowing what was going to happen next when Ms. Wildenstein dropped some BOMBBS on us poor readers at the end. I wasn’t expecting this twist at all. . I’m happy about that because I’m really looking forward to House of Striking Oaths.

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