Download How The Prime Minister Stole Freedom [PDF] By Derek Smith

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How The Prime Minister Stole Freedom book pdf download for free or read online, also How The Prime Minister Stole Freedom pdf was written by Derek Smith.

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It’s no surprise that Derek Smith and Kaede Knipe’s book has resonated with so many patriotic Canadians who grew up in a disturbingly different country than the one we live in today. The story captures, in honest, humorous and simple words, how the events in Ottawa earlier this year shocked so many freedom-loving people not only in Canada but around the world.

As the author himself said, it’s about capturing both sides of a story. You are already receiving a page non-stop, 24 hours a day. So what’s on the other side? . . and in a fun format that will probably make you laugh too?

BookHow The Prime Minister Stole Freedom
AuthorDerek Smith

How The Prime Minister Stole Freedom Book PDF download for free

How The Prime Minister Stole Freedom Book Pdf Download

This is a great way to help children see the real truth about this black spot in our history. The people of Canada should see Justin Trudeau’s tenure as a very valuable lesson to learn. This book can help children get acquainted with a subject that was (unfortunately) impossible to ignore. The media has been all too happy to poison everyone, including our children, with a narrative that makes standing up for freedom a bad thing.

How The Prime Minister Stole Freedom book has just the right tone to get a push without Trudy being able to make good on his hate speech.
You need a series on how the media got infected with a virus, how backward .F.E.W penetrated the liberals (yeah), Trudy protecting me but not you, hypocrisy, digital currency and the ID scheme, etc. .
Kaede Knipe was tasked with selling the artwork on the back and creating 20″ x 30″ vinyl decals that would fit into the foam board. They made some matching protest signs. Maybe add a few, one of him dressed as F. Castreau.

Let’s not forget Poilievre. A book with all his promises to fix our economy, become the freest country in the world, and a list of our demands (repeal elections, right to protect ourselves like Trudy, right to home ownership, how the charter actually works for politicians, judges and dummies) and change our constitution so this never happens again!!

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