Download 100% Free How To Make Money With Breakout Trading [PDF] By Indrazith Shantharaj

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How To Make Money With Breakout Trading book pdf download for free or read online, also How To Make Money With Breakout Trading pdf was written by Indrazith Shantharaj.

Indrazith Shantharaj is an award-winning market profiler, bestselling author, trainer, and entrepreneur based in Bangalore, India.
He is a former IT professional with 10 years of experience. He has voluntarily chosen to pursue a full-time career in the stock markets, subject to her passion and experience.

BookHow To Make Money With Breakout Trading
AuthorIndrazith Shantharaj
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How To Make Money With Breakout Trading Book PDF download for free

How To Make Money With Breakout Trading Book PDF download for free

Did you know that every trader (whether intraday, swing, positional, or scalper) should know the difference between a true breakout and a false breakout?

You know why?

Because every ‘entry’ and ‘exit’ on any trade must come through a false breakout or breakout opportunity!

It is important to understand the two swarms that exist in the market:

  1. Smart money and
  2. Dumb money

‘Smart money’ refers to institutional investors, big sharks that have the money and the power of information that give direction and momentum to the markets.

‘Dumb money’ refers to non-professional traders, retail traders who are often trying to make a quick buck.

Do you agree that it is always a good idea to follow Smart Money?

Next, you need to learn the correct way to identify real buds.

This breakout trading system consists of three important components:

  1. Draw appropriate trend lines
  2. Identify real outbreaks
  3. Trade Execution Useful references for drawing a trend line:
    A. peak price
    b. slope of the trend line
    C. The price must respect the trend line.
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The four things mentioned below are essential to distinguish a real breakout from a fake one:

  1. A great breakout candle
  2. Fast time
  3. Lack of Reaction from the Opposite Side (Sales)
  4. Good quantity

Along with these concepts, this book also answers the following questions:

  1. Why even smart people fall in love with market conditions
  2. How to take your output to the next level
  3. The untold story about Trail SL

It also provides 10 great lessons on trading, plus information on 25 great traders on Twitter.

About the Author:

Indrazith Shantharaj is a full-time businessman and the author of several best-selling books. He uses market profile concepts, price action trading concepts along with systems tailor made for Indian market conditions.

He is a former IT professional and having ten years of experience in the stock market. In addition to trading, he spends his spare time traveling and adventure. He also widely believes in harnessing the power of the mind and it is a practiced spiritual practice.

How To Make Money With Breakout Trading Book Pdf Download

This book is really very informative and useful for business people. Many people lose a lot of money by investing in the wrong places at the wrong time. This book is a step-by-step guide to analyzing the stock market and making the most of it. The book is divided into five chapters. Each chapter deals with some aspect of breakout trading.

The book explains concepts like smart and dumb money, true and false breakouts, trend lines, etc. Each chapter is well organized, with a summary at the end of each. There are many graphic and schematic illustrations that present a clear picture to the readers.

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Unlike most other relevant books, this book has a practical approach rather than just providing a theoretical solution and this has made it easier to use. The language is quite simple and easy to understand.

Breakout trading is an underrated trading technique. This book contains information on ‘Breakout Trading’. This book contains comprehensive information on Breakout Trading, Falls Breakout, Train Line and much more. It teaches you from the beginning.

There are total 5 chapters in this book through which you can learn it. And lastly, there is also the Bonus Chapter (Chapter 6) where the author gives you some tips and tricks.
The author has used his experience of the last 10 years to write this book.
If you want to do business or want to do business, then this book is for you.
Throughout this book, the author explains the concepts that are essential to ‘Breaking Trading’.
If you are not a business person, then this book is the information for you, and you can have it.

My 10 lessons from this book-

  • 1- Trading is just a game of probability and not a game of prediction.
  • 2- When you think you know everything in the market, the next day you lose a lot of money.
  • 3- Trading profits are inversely proportional to your ego.
  • 4- Concept of Smart Money and Dumb Money.
  • 5- Trend line.
  • 6- Real breakout and false breakout.
  • 7- Execution matters a lot in trading-(Trading Plan)
  • 8- Stop Loss.
  • 9- Keep a trading journal.
  • 10- Top 10 questions and answers about breakout trading
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The best part of this book is the charts that can easily represent the idea behind any strategy and the question and answer session given in the previous chapter. This Q&A session covers the top 10 questions about trading and money management.

This book is specifically for small Indian investment traders and is helpful in learning money management and breakout techniques. The book contains many useful strategies and important practices that are used during trading sessions.

.The title of the book itself reflects the strategy that we can learn in this book.
I recommend this book to all small investment traders and beginners.

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