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Ice Giant book pdf download for free or read online, also Ice Giant pdf was written by Nichole Rose.

BookIce Giant
AuthorNichole Rose
Size1.3 MB

Ice Giant Book PDF download for free

Ice Giant Book PDF download for free

This mischievous hockey player is ready for war on and off the ice. Let the games begin!

Jonas Michaud
There are two places I shouldn’t be: in trouble and in a gentlemen’s club.
But thanks to my sister, I still find myself in both.
And just in time to rescue the sportscaster who’s driving me insane.

Jamie Knight is the curviest little hater I’ve ever had.
He’s been posting stories about my hockey teammates for years.
But I want your attention on me.
Finding me in Dionysus is the story of his career.
Imagine my surprise if it never airs.

She is determined to keep her secrets.
I intend to discover everyone.
And I have no intention of backing down until it’s mine.

Jamie Knight
There are two things I didn’t expect: being proposed in a dungeon or being rescued by the hockey player of my dreams.
But thanks to my best friend, I’m still here.
I only came to Dionysus to see Nashville’s Naughtiest.
Instead, I go with the story of my life.

But I’ve been in love with Jonas Michaud and his wild nature ever since I saw him.
Publishing this story would destroy him, and that’s the last thing I want to do.
So I keep her secret to keep mine.

But I didn’t expect him to declare war on my treacherous heart.
He now knows my deepest desires.
And this ice giant has every intention of using them to melt me.

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When he sets his sights on his curvy girl, nothing will really stop him from claiming her. If you like possessive OTT hockey players, curvy heroines, and hockey romance, you’ll love this Canadian villain and his favorite journalist.

Ice Giant Pdf Download

This series is one of my favourites! If you love hockey romance and the best of men you will love this, especially Jonas and his mouth. I’m so glad we finally got the Jonas and Jamie story. The tension between them was so great. Jamie is supposed to be the enemy since she’s a gossip reporter, but Jonas can’t get her out of his mind. Meanwhile, Jamie feels the same about Jonas… What happens when they find themselves in an unexpected place? Will Jamie reveal Jonas’ secrets or keep them to himself? Do you dare to go beyond these limits?

This was a phenomenal romance between enemies and lovers. It was the first book in the series I read and I hadn’t even finished reading it before I went online and bought the rest of the series. Jonas and Jamie had amazing chemistry and I loved how they brought out the best in themselves. I can’t wait to go back and read the other books in the series.

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