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In Knots book pdf download for free or read online, also In Knots pdf was written by Hannah Haze.

I’m a British romance novelist who loves writing smooth, gripping Omegaverse novels that will make your pulse race and your heart race. My partners are meant to meet, and when they do, oh boy! ​

My other loves are long romantic walks in nature, leisurely soaking in a hot bath, and even hotter storytelling. I have a husband, three children and a very naughty cat. When I’m not writing stories, I’m thinking about stories, listening to stories, reading stories, or dreaming about stories.

BookIn Knots
AuthorHannah Haze

In Knots Book PDF download for free

In Knots Book PDF download for free

If you love the sass and steaminess of the Omegaverse with the sweetness of contemporary romance, tough heroes and soft-hearted heroines and heroines who fight for what they want, you’ll love Hannah Haze’s soft and hot books: Omegaverse brings into play our world.

This novel is a stand-alone novel with a guaranteed happy ending. The story is set in a fictional city in Great Britain with British characters and is written in British English and its usage.

In Knots Book Pdf Download

I usually try to avoid going into a book with expectations, but based on the premise (RH, Omegaverse, and MC), I’ll admit I was expecting something with a bit more intensity. That said, I always try to review a book based on what it is and what I would prefer.

The h, Alexa is a wealthy and sheltered omega who has very little say in her life and she is desperate for little moments of escape where she can finally experience a bit of freedom. On one of those outings, she meets 4 alphas (Ryan, Buzz, Cam, and Bear). The attraction between them is instant, but Alexa’s responsibility pushes her away from her, but as the walls of her life close in on her, Alexa can’t help but think of these 4 Alphas and the freedom they make her feel.

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I knew this was a cuter Omegaverse (no dūbcon/n0ncon) and the H’s would be nice guys, and while smex times were hot, the “consent” questions (asking permission to pull my hair or kiss her) version of the scenes. The H openly expressed his desire to smex with the H’s, so the consent questions seemed a bit unnecessary to me. Not like a deal breaker, but definitely distracting.

I enjoyed the H’s encouraging the H’s to take charge of their lives. The H’s were also very particular about her choosing them because it felt good to her rather than an escape or a distraction (which she definitely respects), but sometimes she felt like her relationship was the original “We need them.” ” vibe I’m used to in the Omegaverse.

The world building was something I had never experienced before in the Omegaverse (more modern than expected; imagine our current world, but with A/B/O dynamics) but well done. It added an interesting layer to the story which I enjoyed.

Overall, it was a good read, but it didn’t keep me glued to the pages. While it may not have been the right book for me, it is well written and if you like the RH Omegaverse with “good” H’s, I encourage you to read this book.

Alexa is under the control of her rich and frivolous parents. They want her to dress up and expect her to act a certain way. They want her to marry a respected alpha who will help forge an alliance of wealth and greater power.

Alexa just wants the freedom to choose. She slips away for short car rides while her parents and her bodyguard are busy. On one of those freedom rides, she blows a tire and she’s stranded in the middle of nowhere. She can’t call her parents or they’ll know she ran away from her. Before she can make up her mind, 4 alphas on motorcycles pull up to help her. She is nervous because she has been told that all alphas want one thing and that omegas like her will accept it.

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Ryan, one of the Alphas, calms them down and the others fix her tire. Ryan gives him her number and tells her to call him. She is grateful for her help, but she is even more attracted to an Alpha for the first time, even though they are all from the “wrong” side of town.

This was a romance that attracts opposites. Ryan, Buzz, Cam and Bear love Alexa, but Cam is initially skeptical of her motives. They give her a freedom that she has never felt before. They help her overcome her insecurities and inhibitions and give her what she needs.
When her parents try to force her to marry an alpha she despises, she runs away with her favorite alphas, her pack. But her happiness does not last long. Her father tracks her down and forces her to go with him or he’ll throw her Alphas in jail.

In Knots you will knot yourself while you read! She captivated me from the first chapter and until the end.

These Alphas were perfect for Alexa, letting her discover who she is without pressure. They want the best for themselves, even if it means not being with them. You will definitely fall in love with each alpha through the pages.

Hannah Haze does a wonderful job of weaving stories of unique and twisted goodness into the world of the Omegaverse. You won’t be disappointed, if you love all things Alphas and Omegas, you will learn all that and more in this book.
You get slippery heat action, grumpy possessive alphas, and a cheeky Omega learning to finally be free to choose her own path!

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