Download Jasmine’s Homecoming [PDF] By Melody Anne

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Jasmine’s Homecoming Book pdf download for free or read online, also Jasmine’s Homecoming pdf was written by Melody Anne.

BookJasmine’s Homecoming
AuthorMelody Anne
Size242 KB

Jasmine’s Homecoming Book PDF download for free

Jasmine's Homecoming Book PDF download for free
Jasmine’s Homecoming Book PDF download for free

When FBI Special Agent Jasmine Anderson wakes up in a hospital bed with no memory of who she is, her only clue to her identity is the ring on her finger. It’s inscribed with the name Hunter. She doesn’t know what this means . . . but he does.

Jasmine’s been in Miami but comes home to Seattle to figure out who she is and what happened to her. But when she meets Hunter again for the first time, she has no idea who he is—or that they’re in love! She’s drawn to him . . . but doesn’t know why. Struggling to come to terms with this strange new reality, Jasmine quickly realizes she needs help if she ever wants to get back to what’s been so cruelly taken from her.

Jasmine’s Homecoming Pdf Download

Hunter is there for Jasmine from the moment he rips his IV from his arm in his determination to get to his partner and lover. He’ll help her rebuild her memories . . . and maybe even find more than he ever thought he could have with her. His entire goal in life is to make her whole again, take care of her needs, and walk beside her through the good and the bad.

Together they explore the depths of forgotten memories, happy moments, shared dreams of the future, and discover new aspects of themselves along the way. With Hunter’s help, Jasmine slowly finds herself all over again. No longer feeling alone in this world without a past, Jasmine grabs onto life with open arms, enthusiasm, and a love so deep she can’t imagine its anything other than pure and real.

Join the Andersons again in a powerful family we all want to be a part of. We might not know the journey we’ll take with the Andersons, but we do know we’ll get a happily ever after in the end. epub

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