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Jonas Book pdf download for free or read online, also Jonas pdf was written by Jenna Myles.

AuthorJenna Myles
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Jonas Book PDF download for free

Jonas Book PDF download for free
Jonas Book PDF download for free

I didn’t notice her.

She greeted me with a cheery smile for years, but other than nodding back, I treated her just like I do all my employees…like she’s invisible.

I’m not an asshole. I swear. I’ve learned that to thrive in a family built for chaos, I need the rest of the world to disappear into the background. I’ve divided everything up into two categories: Matters and Doesn’t Matter.

Jonas Pdf Download

But in one short meeting, everything changes. Janey’s now at the very top of the Matters category. And coming from a man that’s never even been on a date, that’s saying a lot.

She’s all I think about. All I dream about. I want her.

I want to be her husband.

I thought I could wait. I thought I could woo her slowly. But when she goes missing, I realize I’m done waiting.

So I propose…literally. Marry me for one year, and you don’t have to struggle anymore. I thought it was a long shot. I thought she’d say no.

I was wrong.

Now she’s mine. But can I convince her to make this marriage real? Or will she walk away with my heart at the end of a year?

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