Download Knot so Lucky [PDF] By Trilina Pucci

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Knot so Lucky Book pdf download for free or read online, also Knot so Lucky pdf was written by Trilina Pucci.

BookKnot so Lucky
AuthorTrilina Pucci
Size3.1 MB

Knot so Lucky Book PDF download for free

Knot so Lucky Book PDF download for free
Knot so Lucky Book PDF download for free

Me: Ask me what happens in Vegas…

Samantha: What happens in Vegas?

Me: Let me tell you.

What happens is that you get “make out with strangers and pee in a parking lot” drunk.


Knot so Lucky Pdf Download

Then *allegedly* participate in depraved group activities with him and his friends in the honeymoon suite of a five-star hotel.

But that’s not even the worst part.

Because after an epic walk of shame, you find out he’s some insanely famous bad-boy quarterback who’s in the midst of cleaning up his act.

So now, you have to pretend to like him… sober…until you can skip town with an annulment and a shirt that reads, “I’d hit that.”

Except for bam—tiny hiccup, his personality cancels out his hot AF face.

And let’s not mention how you definitely took a trip to pound town with his friends.

So, yeah. That’s what happens in Vegas.

You get Knot so Lucky even when you think you hit the jackpot.

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