Legal Aptitude And Logical Reasoning PDF By AP Bhardwaj

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Legal Aptitude And Logical Reasoning book pdf download for free or read online, also Legal Aptitude PDF written by AP Bhardwaj. This book has a proven track record of being a perfect resource to help aspirants, regardless of their educational background, understand these sections. Provides a comprehensive overview of all disciplines supported by a wide range of pedagogy to help you understand, retain and apply concepts effectively.

BookLegal Aptitude And Logical Reasoning
AuthorAP Bhardwaj
Size28.7 MB

Legal Aptitude Book PDF Download For Free

Legal Aptitude by AP Bhardwaj PDF Free

The detailed analysis on Legal Awareness and Legal Reasoning from the CLAT Questionnaires of the previous years and their weightage in the previous years, will highlight the various trends and patterns. Legal Awareness and Legal Reasoning for CLAT and other law enforcement exams is a commendable publication by Pearson.

This is one of the best and comprehensive books on the subject available in the market. It provides irrefutable proof of the author’s decades of experience and has been used successfully by sincere candidates.

If you are looking for the means to achieve your dream of studying in one of the best law schools in India, start your preparation with CLAT books written by Mr. AP Bhardwaj and published by Pearson.

One of his best books, Legal Reasoning and Legal Awareness, deserves a special mention here, as most of the reasoning-based questions, legal terminology, max and many other topics that often come up in CLAT exam are discussed in detail.

Legal Aptitude Book PDF Contents

  • Chapter-1: Legal Knowledge: An Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Important Legal Terms
  • Chapter 3: Legal Maxims
  • Chapter 4: Constitutional Law
  • Chapter 5: Quick Facts
  • Chapter 6: Legal Awareness Questionnaires from Previous Years (2019-2008)
  • Chapter 7: Legal Logic: An Introduction
  • Chapter 8: Tort Law
  • Chapter 9: Civil Law
  • Chapter 10: Criminal Law
  • Chapter 11: Legal Reasoning: Questions from Previous Years (2019-2008)
  • Chapter 12: Legal Theory and Legal Language – Practice Practice
  • Chapter-13: Public International Law – Practice Practice
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  • mock test 1
  • mock exam 2

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