Download Malicious Wedding [PDF] By B. B. Hamel

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Malicious Wedding Book pdf download for free or read online, also Malicious Wedding pdf was written by B. B. Hamel.

BookMalicious Wedding
AuthorB. B. Hamel
Size1.4 MB

Malicious Wedding Book PDF download for free

Malicious Wedding Book PDF download for free
Malicious Wedding Book PDF download for free

An obsession spanning decades. A ghost from my past.
I turned away from the darkness—but Carson wants to drag me back.

I thought my life was charmed. I own a bar, have great friends, and things always seem to work out in my favor.

At least until Carson Crowley comes storming back into my world.

He’s a mafia prince, the kind of man that smolders whenever he enters a room.

Malicious Wedding Pdf Download

I’ve always been drawn to him—and equally repulsed by his violent lifestyle.

Now my brother’s in trouble, my father’s been killed, and I’m next, unless I marry Carson.

His protection feels like possession.

Things only get weirder. The moment I put his ring on my finger, he acts like he’s completely enamored with me.

Gifts, attention, praise, physical affection. He showers me with his love, and it’s completely overwhelming.

It doesn’t make sense. I thought this was a business arrangement.

Until one night, Carson shows me the truth—and I find out how deep obsession can go.

Welcome to another Crowley Family story. I think you’re going to love Carson. He’s totally obsessed with Ash in all the best ways. As always, it’s a standalone with no cliff-hanger and a happily-ever-after guaranteed. Enjoy!

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