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Partner In Crime book pdf download for free or read online, also Partner In Crime pdf was written by J. A. Jance.

J.A. Jance is the New York Times bestselling author of 46 contemporary mysteries in four different series.

As a voracious reader, J.A. Jance knew from the moment she read her first book The Wizard of Oz in second grade that she wanted to be a writer. Always drawn to mystery from Nancy Drew to John D. McDonald’s Travis Magee series, it was only natural that when she attempted to write her first book, it would also be a mystery.

BookPartner In Crime
AuthorJ. A. Jance
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Partner In Crime Book PDF download for free

Partner In Crime Book PDF download for free

The woman lying dead on a cold slab in the Arizona morgue was a talented artist who had recently arrived from the west coast. The Washington State Attorney General’s Office decides this investigation is too big for a small-town attorney and sends Sheriff Joanna Brady an unwanted help: an experienced detective named Beaumont. Sheriff Brady is angered by his intrusion, and Bisbee, Arizona, with its ghosts and memories, is the last place J.P. Beaumont wants to be.

But the winding desert road they must reluctantly travel together leads them to a very deadly nest of rattlesnakes. And if they want to survive, suddenly all they have left is trust. . .

Partner In Crime Book Pdf Download

I’ve read all of Jance’s Joanna Brady books and thoroughly enjoyed them, although the lead, Sheriff Joanna Brady, is sometimes not a very likable character. And I admit that at times Jance has stretched the bonds of believable plots.

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However, with this book I am in disbelief and disgusted with Jance for the cheap trick he has done to the readers.

Before I get to that point though, I also want to express my disappointment that once again a male character (Butch) wants one thing and his wife (Joanna) wants another; In this case, Butch wants a shelf for his workout in the family room of his new house. Joanna speaks highly of commitment, but she doesn’t go the way. She tells Butch she doesn’t like the idea, he says he’s going off her shelf, and Joanna is 100% getting away with it. That’s far from a compromise, and Jance missed a big opportunity to show Joanna in a more mature and thoughtful way, something we don’t see often enough.

An even bigger question arises later in the book.

At the beginning of the book, Joanna and JP Beauchamp get together over a murder, an arrangement neither of them likes. After JP (or Beau) redeems himself a bit in Joanna’s eyes (by really doing almost nothing), she not only forgives him but goes full circle and makes him a part of her task force. Okay, a little rough, but not that bad.

After a fairly brief scene involving the pursuit and discovery of a fugitive, Joanna and JP are suddenly involved in the most embarrassing, abrupt, unbelievable near-kiss, which they pretend to be a near-full-blown affair. Moment I witnessed as a reader. JP explains it as the result of two individuals, a heartbreaking situation, blah blah, but there really wasn’t a heartbreaking situation. There was a chase, yes, but nothing unusual or dangerous.

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Later that night, hours after the scene, Joanna is still focused on her.

It just doesn’t work, and it’s cliche and offensive. Jance screwed up this book in more ways than one!
Sheriff Joanna Brady meets J.P. Beaumont, dispatched from Washington State to observe a homicide investigation in Cochise County, Arizona. Beaumont is, of course, the other lead in Jance’s series, but this is his first case as a homicide special investigator for the Attorney General’s office.

The connection is that the victim was on an eyewitness show in Washington. It also happens that the second wife of J.P. he had been a native of Bisbee. The heads of J.P. They had infuriated Joanna with their involvement and withholding important information, so their meeting with her is cold at best. The frost slowly melts and they become productive colleagues. While she tracks down the killer, he tracks down the leak in the Attorney General’s office.

The story works well and there are exciting moments following the killer who is riding a horse down a ravine towards the Mexican border. Jance offers a wealth of background information on Beaumont’s personal life and presents Joanna with a professional challenge from a disgruntled MP.

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