Download Protecting Sparrow [PDF] By Jane Blythe

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Protecting Sparrow book pdf download for free or read online, also Protecting Sparrow pdf was written by Jane Blythe.

BookProtecting Sparrow
AuthorJane Blythe
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Protecting Sparrow Book PDF download for free

Protecting Sparrow Book PDF download for free

Grief is all that prevents this friendship from being more.

When Sparrow Oswald’s helicopter is shot down in the Africa, the last person she expects to come to her rescue is her very old friend Ethan Zimmerman. She would love for there to be more between them, but he still hasn’t gotten over the death of his wife. As they work together to find out who is using Ethan’s plane to smuggle drugs, their spark grows. The only question is whether Ethan will do anything about it.

Ethan doesn’t want to continue. He’s been loved and lost before and there’s no way he’s ready to open his heart for it to happen again. But when he and Sparrow are kidnapped by a drug warlord and have only one to trust, he can’t deny that the feelings he didn’t want are still there and growing. He has to look at his life and decide what his future should look like, only by the time he makes those decisions it may be too late.

Protecting Sparrow Book Pdf Download

PROTECTING SPARROW is the fourth stand-alone installment in author Jane Blythe’s second series on Susan Stoker’s Operation Alpha World. The Prey Security series is about the resourceful Oswald brothers, and if you’ve read the first three books, you know there’s a great story that begins with the murder of the Oswald brothers’ parents.

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Short in stature and strong in personality, Sparrow Oswald is a woman she absolutely admired. Her ability to remain productive and reactive in situations where she would collapse on the first goal is everything I love about the heroines written by Ms. Blythe, particularly Oswald’s ladies, and it’s one of the many reasons I love so much this series. She was perfect for the alpha protector that is Ethan Zimmerman, who was loyal even in the face of failure.

Overall though, another great read from author Jane Blythe and a great addition to her series. If dark and romantic military fiction is your thing, dive into GUARDING SPARROW. Hawk’s book is next and I can’t wait!

Sparrow Oswald is a member of the Air Force’s elite night stalkers and a very good pilot. Being little, she is very determined to show everyone that she has what it takes to become a member. She is strong in many ways, but she also has a very caring side. Ethan Zimmerman retired from the Air Force years earlier and now flies medical aid around Africa for a charity called Medi-Hope. Grief-stricken by the loss of his wife, he is determined to remain single, but Sparrow tests his resolve.

There is so much drama and action, as is typical of all of this author’s books, that there is literally never a dull moment in the story. Without a doubt, it is an exciting and exciting story, while at the same time it is stressful. Once you get on the roller coaster of emotions with Sparrow and Ethan, you’re in for a bumpy but enjoyable ride.

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I love when a story has twists and turns, unpredictability is a key factor for me in judging a well drawn story. This book will surprise you several times, sometimes with small steps and sometimes with great leaps. However, it takes you on a fun adventure from North Africa to the East Coast of America.

I highly recommend this fabulous romantic suspense in this sensational series. Next book, Protecting Hawk. Go ahead, I’m ready!

Jane Blythe improved her lovemaking in this book. Although she writes romantic tensions, her books are usually slightly romantic and very dark. For this author, this book is much less dark. There’s a lot more romance and it’s hotter than his other books. Ethan is an alpha male through and through, but he’s also gentle, caring, and sweet.

I love that Sparrow has a soft side while he maintains his tough military existence. There aren’t many books with female military leads. Sparrow is an elite Air Force pilot and he knows how to take care of himself and others. It was really refreshing to read a book with such an amazing female lead. I enjoyed this book!

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