Download Serving the Couturier [PDF] By M. S. Parker

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Serving the Couturier Book pdf download for free or read online, also Serving the Couturier pdf was written by M. S. Parker.

BookServing the Couturier
AuthorM. S. Parker
Size1.7 MB

Serving the Couturier Book PDF download for free

Serving the Couturier Book PDF download for free

Twin Swap meets The Devil Wears Prada in this fabulous stand-alone steamy office romance!

Enter the chaotic life of Leah Martin, a shy fashion prodigy with an unassuming charm, always used to playing second fiddle to her vivacious identical twin, Sophie. But when a gnarly ski accident in Aspen sidelines her sister, suddenly, Leah’s stepping into Sophie’s killer heels, working for the drop-dead gorgeous fashion big shot, Damien Laurent.

Serving the Couturier Pdf Download

Pretending to be Sophie is one thing, but dealing with the heart-skipping beats whenever she’s around the smoldering Damien? That’s a whole different kind of crazy.

Leah’s playing a dangerous game as every professional encounter with her irresistible boss blurs into something… well, a bit more personal. And with each smoldering glance he throws her way, the sparks between them become like fireworks.

She’s on the edge of a deliciously dilemma: play it safe and stick to the charade, or give in to the magnetic pull of Damien and risk losing it all?

Dive headfirst into ‘Serving the Couturier’, a standalone steamy office romance where secrets, sparks, and fashion highs stir up a deliciously unpredictable storm. Warning: This book is likely to cause a rapid heart rate, flushing, and a craving for your very own hot couturier.

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