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She Stood By Me book pdf download for free or read online, also She Stood By Me pdf written by Tarun Vikash. She Stood By Me from Tarun Vikash is the story of two people who are Aparna and Abhi. They formed an inseparable bond among themselves and decided to get married. They have to face many difficulties due to class distinction. Aparna belongs to an upper-middle-class family while Abhi belongs to a lower-middle-class family. Aparna’s father wants his son-in-law to earn well, but Abhi earns half of Aparna’s earnings. Is money everything in love?

Abhi’s parents start looking for a girl for him and they succeed. The bride’s family knew his father well and had already promised Abhi to him without giving any details. When his father came to know about his feelings, he did nothing and did not break his promise. Was thinking, “log Kia Kahenge?” Aparna’s father also thinks the same if he marries his daughter to a man who does not even earn a living. So, read this book pdf online or download PDF of She Stood By Me.

BookShe Stood By Me
AuthorTarun Vikash
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She Stood By Me Book PDF download for free

she stood by me book pdf downlod

Aparna is an upper-middle-class girl who lives by her values. She wants to be successful in her career, and prove herself to the world, and she is not ready to love. Abhi comes from a modest family looking for a promising career but believes in love. He wants to live every part of his life. He won’t want to regret it later. But there comes a time when he comes to know that his life is not the same after meeting Aparna. Abhi is a good friend to Aparna, but to Abhi, he is something else. And now it’s time to tell him before going their separate ways to continue with his career. He fights, he fights a lot, but he opens his heart to her. They continue their lives apart from each other for four years, with no less time to look forward to. Will they meet again, will they find someone else, will they know what love is and what a relationship is, will they support each other or will someone else support them? Read the story of two people who will bring romance, excitement, and struggle and tell you what love is.

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She Stood By Me Pdf Download

Tarun Vikas is a software professional who worked in theater productions during his university years, represented his university in several festivals, and received awards, including second prize in all of them. His live band was called GAP (Getting Across People). He is also a guitarist.

Well, he never knew that apart from playing stage shows, he has the ability to tell stories that he discovered when he started doing his job. He got many stories, some successes, and many failures, but in each of them, he found humor, tragedy, and struggle. Find a unique way of storytelling where readers can interact with the characters until the story ends. She to Herself is his first novel, and the author put in a lot of effort to convey the message of love.

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