Download Smoke Bomb [PDF] By Abbi Glines

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Smoke Bomb Book pdf download for free or read online, also Smoke Bomb pdf was written by Abbi Glines.

BookSmoke Bomb
AuthorAbbi Glines
Size1.5 MB

Smoke Bomb Book PDF download for free

Smoke Bomb Book PDF download for free
Smoke Bomb Book PDF download for free

Two places I never thought I’d be: a church and my little brother’s funeral.
I was the one who was supposed to die first. Not Hayes.
He hadn’t chosen my path. I took lives but Hayes had wanted to save souls.
Yet here I was drinking from a flask, around people that fucking hated me, unable to take my eyes off the fiancé he’d left behind. 

Smoke Bomb Pdf Download

 My brother may have wanted to be a minister but he’d been going to marry a woman with the body of a porn star.

It had taken me a while but I’d finally gotten on my feet after my fiancé’s unexpected death. The first day on my new house cleaning job where I would make enough money to pay for college ended with a gag in my mouth, my hands tied behind my back and a gun to my head. Lucky for me I was taken alive while the rest of the household was shot and killed. My savior? My fiancé’s older brother happened to be one of the men who’d murdered my new employer.

I’m now stuck in a house with three men who refuse to let me leave until it’s safe. Huck hates me because he believes I lied to his brother. He humiliates me every chance he gets. But his cruelty doesn’t affect me. I was beaten down long before I met Huck Kingston.

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It’s when I’m forced to pretend I belong to Huck in order to stay safe inside his world that the darkness in my soul finds an outlet I didn’t know I needed.

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