Download Stepdaddy Season [PDF] By Natisha Raynor

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Stepdaddy Season Book pdf download for free or read online, also Stepdaddy Season pdf was written by Natisha Raynor.

BookStepdaddy Season
AuthorNatisha Raynor
Size925 KB

Stepdaddy Season Book PDF download for free

Stepdaddy Season Book PDF download for free
Stepdaddy Season Book PDF download for free

For Cypher Hall being the mother to twin boys is far from easy. She has to work two jobs just to keep her head above water, and she still often feels like she’s drowning.

She hadn’t been in a relationship since her kids’ father eight years ago, and she’s started to realize that Prince Charming may never ride up on his white horse and save her. 

Stepdaddy Season Pdf Download

 In her heart of hearts, Cypher wants her sons to grow up in a household filled with love, not a mother that sometimes has to miss important events because she’s the breadwinner. Cypher never imagined that getting a tattoo for her birthday would ultimately change the course of her life forever.

Houston Robinson suffers an unfortunate tragedy and overnight, he’s responsible for two kids that he didn’t biologically create. That doesn’t matter because Houston would walk through hell barefoot for those kids. When the woman in his life can’t seem to come to grips with his new lifestyle, Houston has no problem with setting her free. Once he becomes single, another relationship is the furthest thing from his mind but as a good friend once told him, sometimes you have to go through the BS to get to the good ish. Houston just might find that to be true when single mother Cypher and her twin sons enter his life.

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