The Art Of Management PDF By Shiv Shivakumar

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The Art Of Management book pdf download for free or read online, also The Art Of Management pdf written by Shiv Shivakumar. Careers are changing, and the skills needed to stay relevant are changing even more rapidly. We seem to have infinite options, at least in the beginning of a career, but they tend to diminish after middle management. What do you think about your life and career in this changing decade?

BookThe Art Of Management
AuthorShiv Shivakumar

The Art Of Management PDF download for free

The Art Of Management PDF download for free

In this book, Siva Sivakumar explains that today, unlike in the past, the three elements are your responsibility. In-depth interviews with top leaders from across the spectrum and an insightful introduction by Sachin Tendulkar, The Art of Management is a must read.

The Art Of Management Pdf Download

This Book Focus on ;

  1. Managing yourself
  2. Managing Your Team
  3. Managing Your Business

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