Download The City We Became [PDF] By N. K. Jemisin

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The City We Became book pdf download for free or read online, also The City We Became pdf was written by N. K. Jemisin.

BookThe City We Became
AuthorN. K. Jemisin
Size5.7 MB

The City We Became Book PDF download for free

The City We Became Book PDF download for free

In Manhattan, a young grad student gets off the train only to find he can’t remember who he is, where he’s from, or even his own name. But he can feel the heartbeat of the city, see the history of it and feel the power of it.

In the Bronx, a Lenape gallery director discovers strange graffiti scattered throughout the city, so beautiful and powerful that it seems that the color of it is literally calling her.

In Brooklyn, a politician and mother discovers that she can hear her town’s songs throb to the beat of her Louboutin heels.

And they are not the only ones.

Every great city has a soul. Some are as old as myths, others as new and destructive as children. New York? She has six.

The City We Became Book Pdf Download

Five New Yorkers must band together to defend their city in the first book in an impressive new series from author N.K. Jemisin, Hugo Award winner and New York Times bestseller. Every city has a soul. Some are as old as myths, others as new and destructive as children. New York? She has five. But every city also has a dark side. An ancient evil simmers beneath the land, threatening to destroy the city and its five protectors unless they come together and stop it once and for all.

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This book excels in every way: it has characters that are both completely real and complete stereotypes of the districts they represent. It has such a strong worldview in its use of New York City that you can see the sights, smell the streets, and feel the living, breathing city seep in from the sides. The plot is a great story of unification, a celebration of a city but also of the people as a whole, the force of evil and what it takes to defeat it. The letter is, of course, from N.K. Jemisin, of the highest caliber.

This book is a legitimate work of art. His heart and soul are visible to the world and he is absolutely radiant. What has been skillfully and densely and excellently written here is nothing short of brilliant. There have been so few books that have left me with that feeling that I don’t even know which one was the last.

There are so many things I want to say about this book. The use of real, diverse people in a city like New York is absolutely perfect and appropriate, but it is characterized by how well written and used it is, especially when its nemesis is far-right racist shit cops and gentrification as a form of of diabolical produce. The ills that New York City and almost all major cities face in real life are brilliantly used and fit into the narrative effectively.

There is a sequence towards the end of the book, around the 75% mark, that feels strangely prescient of current Covid19 conditions by complete coincidence. You know no one could have seen it coming, but why is it so scarily accurate? And it feels wonderful to say that I finally feel like someone has given Lovecraft and all the horrible racist views of him the justice and goodbye they deserve.

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One small but also amazing thing I wanted to highlight shows how much care and craftsmanship Jemisin put into this novel: England’s only character, Bel, is written so realistically. Jemisin asks him to use language and slang that he hasn’t heard since he was a boy in England and it was surreal to see him used with such precision. I have read many English authors who did not use slang so well.

I honestly don’t know where to go from here with this review, other than to say to anyone who might be reading this, please buy this book. It is absolutely amazing and wonderful and you will not regret a second of the time you spend with it. It is one of my personal favorite books I have ever read. I will talk to everyone I can about this story for a long, long time.

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