Download The Shadow Of The Emperor [PDF] By Jane Thornley

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The Shadow Of The Emperor book pdf download for free or read online, also The Shadow Of The Emperor pdf was written by Jane Thornley.

BookThe Shadow Of The Emperor
AuthorJan Durham
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The Shadow Of The Emperor Book PDF download for free

The Shadow Of The Emperor Book PDF download for free

Cleopatra and Livia Drusilla. One was a bold Egyptian queen and the richest woman in the known world, the other an influential Roman empress known for upholding the virtues of home and hearth. While Cleopatra ruled and openly flaunted luxury and excess, Livia exercised her authority behind the scenes with strategic seriousness.

The only link between them was Livia’s husband, the Roman Emperor Augustus, who had conquered Egypt and wanted to use his fallen queen as a trophy. All of Egypt’s wealth would eventually come to Rome, except for a stash that was secretly passed from Cleopatra to Livia.

The Shadow Of The Emperor Pdf Download

For Livia Drusilla had a plan: by involving the Vestals, the most powerful cult of priestesses of antiquity, she would create a conspiracy to hide the only item of Cleopatra’s priceless treasures, which she believed would ensure female sovereignty, with her intention . being nothing less than to ensure that a woman would one day rule the world.

Over two millennia later, you will join Phoebe McCabe and the Ancient Lost and Found Agency. What begins as a kidnapping with her infamous ex soon turns into a quest to find this powerful treasure. Phoebe struggling with her own conscience and the man who has tormented her for years is one thing, finding ancient treasure buried by women who lived thousands of years ago is quite another. To do so, you must delve into history’s darkest moments as you battle forces of nature and man, and face ethical dilemmas that pit Phoebe against everything she believes in.

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From London to Rome to Pompeii, Phoebe and her agency take on gunslingers and art thieves whose ultimate mission is to save the art of the past for all of humanity, instead of just a privileged few. But there’s always a price to pay, and the question remains whether Phoebe can afford the ultimate sacrifice.

Welcome to the Ancient Lost & Found, Book 6.

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