Download Tiger And Thorn’s Tempest [PDF] By Ciara St James

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Tiger And Thorn’s Tempest Past book pdf download for free or read online, also Tiger And Thorn’s Tempest pdf was written by Ciara St James.

BookTiger And Thorn’s Tempest
AuthorCiara St James
Size326 KB

Tiger And Thorn’s Tempest Book PDF download for free

Tiger And Thorn's Tempest Past Book PDF download for free

Tiger and Thorn are members of an MC they love. They have a biker family that brings them joy and a job that fulfills them. You should be more than happy. Except that they both have a secret that they don’t know if their club can accept. A secret they have kept for a long time.

As he ponders whether it’s time to get cleaned up, an unexpected meeting catches someone else’s eye. Her name is Neriah and when Tiger meets her he knows he has to get Thorn to meet her as soon as possible.

Tiger And Thorn’s Tempest Pdf Download

Thorn is as in awe of Neriah as Tiger is. They both agree on the next step, but first they need to see if she’s ready for it. Neriah is a very sweet and innocent woman who grew up very sheltered. Will he be able to face what these two bikers propose to him?

Neriah’s jaw drops as she hits Tiger and then Thorn. For a woman who dreams of a family but has never responded to a man, they come as a complete surprise. What should she do? Now, for the first time in her life, she is attracted to not one but two men. How will you vote?

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As their future becomes apparent and they work to find their place and reveal themselves to all those they love, problems and trials are revealed. A big upset nearly causes Tiger and Thorn to lose Neriah forever. However, one thing they will never do, and that is lose their Tempest. They’ll do anything to keep it going, even if it means killing dozens to do it.

Tiger And Thorn’s Tempest was Ciara’s first MMF and she rocked it! The intimacy between Tiger and Thorn was beautiful. You’ve flown under the radar with the club. They weren’t thrilled about it, but they weren’t sure if they wouldn’t get kicked out of the club. But their relationship doesn’t fully satisfy them either.

They need to find their third party, a woman who will love them both and build a future with them. Then they find Neriah and everything falls into place. I loved this throuple! Neriah has no experience of this type of relationship and little by little, with patience, they broaden their horizons. I got seriously pinned to the site. It consumed me and I loved every second of it!

Tiger And Thorn’s Tempest is another great read from Mrs St James. His writing style is great and pulls you into the plot and doesn’t want to let you go until the end and even then you want more.
Thorn and Tiger are on the MC, but they’re also secret lovers. They’re afraid to tell the MC because they don’t want to come out or be treated differently.

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When Tiger meets Neriah, he knows he has found the woman who will complete his triad and Thorns. He has to integrate Thorn and then they have to work on Neriah.
Together they form a family and the love they have for each other is out of this world. When the MC finds out about Tiger and Thorns’ relationship, they pick on the boys but stand behind them, and that includes Neriah.
This proves that everyone has at least one or two soul mates.

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