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Tomb of Sand book pdf download for free or read online, also Tomb of Sand pdf was written by Geetanjali Shree. Geetanjali Shree has written four novels: Mai, Tirohit, Hamara Shahar Us Baras, and Khali Jag, and two collections of short stories in Hindi. Also to his credit is Between Two Worlds: An Intellectual Biography of Premchand. Her stories have been translated into many languages like Gujarati, English, and Japanese. Her novel Khali Jag even has been translated into Urdu in Pakistan and is now being translated into English. Mai’s English translation was even shortlisted for the Hutch-Crossword Translation Award in the year 2000. She has received many awards like Indu Sharma Katha Samman, Hindi Akademi Sahityakar Samman, and Dwijdev Samman for her contribution to Hindi literature.

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BookTomb of Sand
AuthorGeetanjali Shree
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Tomb of Sand Book PDF download for free

Tomb of Sand Book PDF download for free

In North India, an eighty-year-old woman falls into a deep depression after the death of her husband, only to rise again and find a new lease on life. His determination to defy convention, including befriending a transgender man, confuses his bohemian daughter, who is used to thinking of herself as the more “hip” of the two.

To her family’s dismay, Ma embarks on traveling to Pakistan and facing the unresolved trauma of her teenage experiences with Partition and what it means to be a mother, daughter, woman, and feminist. . , re-evaluates it.

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Rather than responding gravely to tragedy, Gitanjali Shree’s playful tone and exuberant sentences result in an engaging, humorous, and utterly original book as well as an immediate and timely confrontation against the devastating impact of boundaries and limits. There is also conflict, whether between religions, countries, or sexes.

Tomb of Sand Book Pdf Download

Incredible story. The author Geetanjali Shree is a leading author. The story breaks many stereotypes, raises many questions and challenges the reader. The English translation is superlative, although it is more intimate to read the original Hindi version, which arguably further challenges the reader of “Sanskrit Hindi”.

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