Download Wolf [PDF] By Kat Blackthorne

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Wolf Book pdf download for free or read online, also Wolf pdf was written by Kat Blackthorne.

AuthorKat Blackthorne
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Wolf Book PDF download for free

Wolf Book PDF download for free
Wolf Book PDF download for free

Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?

Continue the journey with the international bestselling series The Halloween Boys. Wolf is a little red riding hood reimagining packed with occult legend, lore, and spice.


My sights set on her the moment she drove into town.

From the moment her darling aroma invaded my senses, Blythe was mine. I’d watched her silently, I’d allowed Ghost his time, I’d supported Onyx through his turmoil. All the while the sleeping alpha raged inside me, wanting to make her his in every way. 

Wolf Pdf Download

But how could I let him out when he was so at odds with her sweet, gentle giant, Wolfgang Jack?

My alpha was wild, untamed, and so… so hungry.

When my community is in shambles and Fenrir pack needs me to rise up to the challenge, can I do that while reconciling the beast within?

Little Red Riding Hood is walking through my forest now.
And she won’t escape me this time.


Running, always running.

Afraid of the darkness that haunts me, fleeing my past, always at the mercy of whatever grabs me in the night. The Halloween Boys had given me safety, security, and more love and passion than I’d ever imagined.

But now Wolf needs me and it’s time to learn how to be his luna. The women of Fenrir lead their pack with strength and grace. They don’t cower, they hunt.

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If I run now, it’ll be because I want to. If I run now, it’ll be because I want to be caught.

And now I’m ready for his claws and teeth.

The Halloween Boys Book Three: WOLF is a Little Red Riding Hood retelling wrapped up in all the woodland dark fairy tale magic worthy of your favorite werewolf. Please see author site for content information.

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