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89 Walls book pdf download for free or read online, also 89 Walls pdf was written by Katie Pierson.

Freelance for local nonprofits, Katie Pierson uses her experience in public policy and grassroots organizing to end patriarchy one step at a time.

When she’s not writing fiction, she’s returning library books, making soup, and trying to be cooler than she really is by doing hip-hop at the YMCA. She lives in suburban Minneapolis with her husband and her two daughters.

Book89 Walls
AuthorKatie Pierson
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89 Walls Book PDF download for free

89 Walls Book PDF download for free

Seth spends his minimum wage on groceries and feigns happiness to distract his mother from the MS that is killing her. It is torture to carry around a frayed declaration of love for a girl who is out of her league and below her dignity. Quinn, on her way to college, finishes high school on top.

However, this cynical, liberal boy in her social studies class causes her to question herself and her old assumptions. When their passionate romance surprises them both, they keep it a secret: it’s too early to make plans and too late to ignore them. But the year is 1989. When politics suddenly gets personal, they fight bare-knuckle for their beliefs and each other, in broad daylight.

89 Walls Book Pdf Download

It seems that the teenagers of Lincoln, Nebraska are far removed from world affairs in the last days of the Cold War. Author Katie Pierson effectively weaves together the complicated mix of hope and relief, but also the fear and risk that come with big changes on the world stage and big changes as Seth and Quinn graduate from high school and face the rest of the their lives.

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In a way I’ve seen in few young adult books, ’89 Walls effectively captures the inner monologue of young people as they experience their first romance, navigate shifting family relationships, and encounter existential questions about who they are in the world and why life. . it is. t fair, and the role of politics in our personal lives.

The book deserves praise for the tackling sensitive social issues by personalizing them very realistically. These are themes not often explored in this way in contemporary literature, particularly young adult fiction, but author Katie Pierson is fearless. And yet, the reader is not overwhelmed by the “heavy topics.” The book is simply honest about what many young people experience. We could use more books like this.

Finally, the scenes are beautifully descriptive. I loved how the appearance and changes of the buildings, trees, flowers, and weather were woven into the story. The cracked cement, smell of grass, the movement of the clouds, forsythia in bloom complement the events of the book or the emotional state of the characters. The book made me miss having forsythia in my garden. I have to plant some now.
Highly recommended.

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