Download Babymoon or Bust [PDF] By Ava Hunter

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Babymoon or Bust Book pdf download for free or read online, also Babymoon or Bust pdf was written by Ava Hunter.

BookBabymoon or Bust
AuthorAva Hunter
Size736 KB

Babymoon or Bust Book PDF download for free

Babymoon or Bust Book PDF download for free
Babymoon or Bust Book PDF download for free

One bump. Two strangers. Three days to fall in love.

Tessie Truelove has spent her entire life avoiding. . .well, true love. And why wouldn’t she? Her dog ran off, her father left to go get cigarettes and never came back, and her mother passed away years ago. Instead, Tessie, a celebrity interior designer, clings to her to-do lists and her Pantone colors and her toxic job to avoid more heartbreak.

Babymoon or Bust Pdf Download

But after too much whiskey and a wild night with a rugged stranger has her seeing two little pink lines, she vows to do motherhood all by herself. After all, it might be her one shot at true love.

Nothing will interrupt her plans. Not even Solomon Wilder—her muscled, bearded, brooding baby daddy—who stomps his way into her perfectly planned babymoon after learning about her pregnancy.

Stuck together in paradise, the two strike a deal: spend three days together to figure out how to raise their son.

Complete opposites, they have nothing in common except the bump between them. Tessie has her glamorous career in LA, and Solomon has his wild life in Alaska. Yet as the babymoon takes a turn for the steamy and Solomon breaks through the emotional walls Tessie’s spent years guarding, she starts to wonder if she and this gruff, flannel-wearing mountain man might be meant to do more than just share a baby—they might be meant to share a heart. epub

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