Download Friend Zoned [PDF] By Evelyn Sola

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Friend Zoned Book pdf download for free or read online, also Friend Zoned pdf was written by Evelyn Sola.

BookFriend Zoned
AuthorEvelyn Sola
Size1.5 MB

Friend Zoned Book PDF download for free

Friend Zoned Book PDF download for free
Friend Zoned Book PDF download for free

They say the best things come when you least expect it.

Burned by her ex-husband and a messy divorce, Jeannie Dubois isn’t looking for anything more than a good friend. Besides, she’s still dealing with the ex who can’t seem to let her go.

Friend Zoned Pdf Download

Insert NBA coach, Aiden Walsh. Sure, he wants so much more than friendship with the beautiful woman he met at a wedding, but he’s sure he can play the part and he’s good at biding his time. So, for now he’ll fill any role she wants.

But when these two friends become lovers, things quickly turn complicated when Jeannie finds out Aiden is so much more than just Manhattan’s favorite coach.

Can Aiden prove to Jeannie that they’re meant to be so much more, or will she send him back to the friend zone?

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