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Bad Deal book pdf download for free or read online, also Bad Deal pdf was written by Annabeth Albert.

BookBad Deal
AuthorAnnabeth Albert
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Bad Deal Book PDF download for free

Bad Deal Book PDF download for free

I’m a repairman. As a SEAL chief, I’ve been successful in unwinnable situations. I am now retired and determined to improve the lives of my former military buddies through our Hollywood security company. Also, I can protect fascinating people like Ambrose Sterling, the creator of one of my favorite TV shows.

Of course I want to protect Ambrose. When he’s attacked, I step in to save him and his little therapy dog.

But my good deed leads to a coastal road trip posing as Ambrose’s friend to keep him out of harm’s way.

I’m not in a relationship and I’ve never thought about dating a man, but here I am, sizzling at every touch and dreaming of more stolen kisses.

Each night of hot passion brings us closer to an unbreakable bond. But I’m a blue-collar man, and Ambrose is Hollywood’s elite. I want a happy ending more than anything. Can I turn this fake boyfriend gig into real or am I just a guest star?

BAD DEAL is book 3 in the A-list security series. It features a highly protective SEAL bodyguard, a silver fox in a suit, an adorably ugly dog, and all sorts of new emotions. Brace yourself for all the intense heat, big thrills, and mixed family feelings that readers have come to expect from this fan-favorite military fiction writer. Become part of A-List Security for this less fearful series starring ex-SEALs and celebrity clients who win their hearts. Happy endings and no cliffhangers guaranteed!

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Bad Deal Book Pdf Download

Every story in this series is better than the last! I’ll never understand how Annabeth Albert keeps surprising me, but that’s what I’m here for. A-List Security features some of their best characters yet, and Harley and Ambrose are definitely among them.

From the start, Albert captivates readers with the prospect of an intriguing bodyguard character, complete with a healthy dose of heroism. She couldn’t imagine what could be better until she adds fake friends to the mix. The clear and present danger to Ambrose increases the tension and adds a certain poignancy to the story, forcing Harley to spend more time with Ambrose to protect him. Something he’s willing to do, even if it means pretending to be her escort to his niece’s extravagant wedding.

Knowing Harley from the previous books in the series, it’s fun to uncover all her hidden depths and see how she really reveals herself. The emotional connection she has with Ambrose is so natural, almost effortless, that it’s easy to fall head over heels in love and lose yourself in your relationship. So much so that when the conflict arises, the tension and agony are almost unbearable. That doesn’t mean there’s a lot of struggle or fear; Overall, this story is one of very little stress, little anxiety, and a rich emotional component.

Harley Burton is the next A-list security guard who unexpectedly falls in love with a client. He is the trusted, dependable, and no-nonsense fixer of this former military group-turned-private security group. He has never been in a relationship and is certain that he would be made for a friend. He begins to find out more about himself and who might attract him.

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Ambrose Sterling is a neurotic, anxious television series creator and silver fox. He is usually in control on set but can sometimes be distracted by fear and has the most fabulous therapy dog ​​ever. She loves to fall in love with unattainable guys and Harley is just the thing for her.

When Harley comes to her rescue, it affects them both even more. And a road trip, wrong dates, and the need to share a bed all add to the temptation.

Harley may not be as unattainable as Ambrose initially thought, but is she fake, an affair, or something more?

I loved these guys and how they push each other out of their comfort zones but also balance each other out so well. There’s just this organic chemistry and the natural relationship between them that feels so real and vulnerable. Both really have reasons to doubt themselves and each other. But they also help give each other trust, support, and an anchor they didn’t know they needed. Harley can be a protective, tough guy, but Ambrose also has the ability to be confident and strong in his own beliefs. They are so cute, sweet, adorable and hot together. Perfectly imperfectly matched.

This is my favorite of the series and of the pair so far. It’s a romance of opposites, attraction, security guard-customer, fake friend, forced closeness. Bring back the other A-list guys and build the next story. There are a few Rainbow Cove sightings that made me smile. It has just a little bit of fear, but lots of sweetness, warmth and heart.

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