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Big Bossy Problem book pdf download for free or read online, also Big Bossy Problem pdf was written by Lilian Monroe.

Lilian Monroe lives in a luxurious jungle treehouse surrounded by lush greenery, with an army of scantily clad men with ripped abs ready to attend to her every need.

BookBig Bossy Problem
AuthorLilian Monroe
Size350 KB

Big Bossy Problem Book PDF download for free

Big Bossy Problem Book PDF download for free

Being a dog walker is not as glamorous as you might imagine.
Unless, of course, you’re walking around with a tech billionaire’s German shepherd mix.

And when your grumpy, lovable billionaire boss asks you to spend your afternoons at his house babysitting his teenage niece, who are you to say no? Do you think it could go wrong?

I’ll tell you what can go wrong: your business implodes, your heart breaks, and you find out you’re pregnant with him.

I speak from experience here. Do not do it.
Be smarter than me and run.

Grumpy vs. Sunshine on steroids. This book is full of jokes, scorching heat, and lots of dog-sized flies.

Big Bossy Problem Book Pdf Download

I love the Manhattan Men series, but I think BIG BOSSY PROBLEM is my favorite book of the three so far. It has the grumpy billionaire boss and the caring, effervescent (at first because of the dog) and talented wife bonded over the dog Marcus and Penny walk twice a day.

Marcus is the lonely bachelor in his large family, but he feels very comfortable with his young nieces and nephews. He has become something of a caretaker for the family, sometimes taking care of all family members and friends at his expense.

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Penny is one of those adorable but not artificial women. She’s so different from the women Marcus usually hangs out with, and he knows better to stay away from her.

So he stays away from her? she wants it. It’s a great story to read. She couldn’t leave him because she needed to know what was going to happen.

I loved the cranky, overprotective alpha Marcus from the start. And Penny is absolutely perfect for him. Penny lives her life trying to go unnoticed and hiding from everyone. Her past has left her battered and scared, so she spends her days walking her favorite client, Bear, and designing adorable puppy bowties and outfits for her four-legged friends. Marcus also has a difficult past. Due to a bad relationship, he focuses on growing his business and taking care of all the needs of his family.

There is something about Penny that makes him feel more for the first time in a long time. She tries to resist, but the attraction is too great. It usually drives me crazy to see people fighting each other over and over again. I just want them to get to the good stuff. But I loved his characters so much that I never wanted the little teasing to end. Can they find love as they both struggle to put their past behind them and move on together?

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