Download Bittersweet [PDF] By Morgan Elizabeth

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Bittersweet book pdf download for free or read online, also Bittersweet pdf was written by Morgan Elizabeth.

AuthorMorgan Elizabeth
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Bittersweet Book PDF download for free

Bittersweet Book PDF download for free

Bittersweet is a sullen contemporary sun, foes of romance lovers. It is the third book in the Ocean View series, but can also be read individually.

It’s a long-running romance with Happily Ever After that contains sexually explicit material and profanity. This book is intended for people over the age of 18.

Bittersweet Book Pdf Download

This book was amazing so let’s start with my babies Ben and Lola I love them so much and they hold a special place in my heart now the way they deserve each other the way they love each other and the way they make love work which I find so adorable and so beautiful and so sweet that I love everything about it!!!

Ben Coleman please this man if he were a real man I would love to have him in my life this man deserves the world and with Lola he got it. I love him so much honestly he was everything i needed right now and the raunchy scenes with ben the daddy kink please i love that this man has a daddy kink. I really think that makes his character ten times better.

I love everything about the racy scenes. I loved everything about this book. It was everything I needed! The new name I like to call him is Daddy Ben because honestly he deserves all that title he deserves please he deserves all of that title and I will keep going for the rest of my life!

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Now we can talk about Lola because I loved her. I loved everything about Lola because you know what I used to be. i was too old Lola.

Someone who never said no. Someone who has always said yes and getting out of that mental space takes a long time and is very difficult especially when it comes to your family but you know what Lola did she started it so they literally knew the moral of the story and then at the end she did it with her family she did with her family and i love to see that growth in her she also deserves the world she deserves to be happy because one thing i will say i think this is the only time in her life she was always happy when she was with ben before he wasn’t happy and it’s very noticeable!!!!

All Lola’s dad did was take advantage of her and honestly I think that’s all you need to know, plus Ben hates him and he has every right to beat him up and I love that Ben hates him in the conversation they have. I can not wait. Everyone read it because I was like her favorite status protecting Lola will always be my favorite thing to do!

Now we can talk about Ben’s mother. I loved her, also one of my favorite psychological characters. Ben’s mother tried hard for him when he was little against his father and he and his father have this problem because he is an artist and likes art.

His father doesn’t understand and his father doesn’t like him, he doesn’t understand but ben’s mother understood that she was there for him, they made art together, she loves him with all her heart and has hard for ben and his art worked and she is proud of him and her art and thats all i needed to know about her to know i would love her!!!

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Finally, let’s talk about Hattie. I love her and her relationship with literally every other character, but I love how her relationship with Ben, how they are for each other and how Ben protects her is literally everything to me. Ben is a head to toe protector like no one can change that but the way she understands that he needs to protect her, I love how he doesn’t leave her alone with the male customers. I love it, I’m so here for his friendship! !!!

Love the Morgan story, you outdo yourself, it’s a sharp five out of five. I would give it a three out of five but this book was amazing honestly everything i needed this weekend made me so happy to love lola and then they are destined to be. They deserve each other and I’m glad they got their happy ending. I will buy this book and read it again whenever I get a chance!

I also love the way Morgan writes her characters, it’s amazing whether it’s a female lead or a male lead, I love the death these characters have. !!

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