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Blood Orange book pdf download for free or read online, also Blood Orange pdf was written by Karina Halle.

BookBlood Orange
AuthorKarina Halle
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Blood Orange Book PDF download for free

Blood Orange Book PDF download for free

From the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Black Sunshine and River of Shadows comes a new dark vampire romance about the vampire named Dracula.

Once upon a time there was a man who fell in love with a woman he could never have. When their affair was discovered, she was brutally murdered before his eyes and he discovered that he was cursed and doomed to live as a vampire forever.
He found and lost love over the centuries, until he was so broken that he gave up love altogether, sank into the depths of depravity, and lost his humanity.

Then one day she came back into his life. A music student studying with him at the Conservatory in Venice, Italy, where he was a teacher. But although he found her beautiful and fascinating, he did not recognize his fateful companion at all.
Because this time he had to hide his true self.
This time she came back as a witch whose destiny was not to love him… but to kill him.

Blood Orange is a modern day Dracula retelling of the “real life” Dracula who inspired Bram Stoker. This is a dark vampire romance with many caveats (see inside book) and although it is a spin-off of The Dark Eyes Duet, it can be read on its own.

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Blood Orange Book Pdf Download

Dahlia is a 28 year old witch and also a vampire slayer when she is sent on a mission to Venice. To kill Valtu aka Dracula. She really becomes his student in a music class. Both are attracted to each other in ways they can’t explain. As if they knew each other before. Dahlia dreams of other lives that make little sense. When they fall in love, the dangers of who they are and what is out there become too great.

This book really absolutely captivated me from the first page. It was hot, it was sexy, it was interesting. I couldn’t help but keep turning the page to find all the answers. I love the character of Dahlias because she felt so alone before meeting Valrie and being able to be herself. He spent most of this book in conflict between his feelings and his duty. Valtu has suffered so many losses in his life that he is afraid to open up again, but for all his attempts to push her away, he cannot stay away from her, even to protect her.

The plot was very interesting and I couldn’t stop turning the pages trying to figure out what was going on and when any of the characters would find out. The imminent threat of demons and mysteries. Learn more about our villains. And this book was pretty spicy, but it was so good. I felt it flowed into the plot so seamlessly that I loved every minute of it.

I can’t wait for the second book by this duo to come out on December 29th. All I know is that the ending of this will be just as amazing and captivating as the first. It ends on a mild cliffhanger, so be warned, this isn’t a HEA yet. But I can’t wait to finish this adventure.

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Blood Orange is a dark paranormal romance and modern day retelling of Dracula. It’s also kind of a second chance romance, but with a twist. I found this book absolutely brilliant. I couldn’t fault anything about this book. I loved the main characters, Dahlia and Valtu, and was able to bond with them early on. The development of their relationship felt real and wasn’t rushed.

I absolutely fell in love with the characters and the plot was original. There wasn’t anything I would change about this book, and that rarely happens. I have read about 60 books this year and this is only the sixth book I have given a 5 star rating. I’m pretty stingy with them, but I couldn’t rate this book less than 5 stars.

The sex scenes were so damn hot. I can’t even explain how much I enjoyed them and I read them all without skipping. The chemistry between Dahlia and Valtu was amazing. Valtu has become one of my favorite book buddies, he passed out so much. This book also had a few emotional moments and those scenes made me cry. As for the ending of this book, I’m glad that Karina Halle took the story in a direction I wasn’t expecting.

By the end of this book my heart rate was starting to increase and I was on the edge of my seat. I’m dying to get my hands on the next book: Black Rose. I have to say that I liked how Karina ended the story in the epilogue. This heightened my excitement for the next book even more. A very hot and steamy dark paranormal romance, Blood Orange is one of my favorite reads of the years. I highly recommend it!

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