Download Burn Butterfly Burn [PDF] By Reese Rivers

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Burn Butterfly Burn book pdf download for free or read online, also Burn Butterfly Burn pdf was written by Reese Rivers.

BookBurn Butterfly Burn
AuthorReese Rivers
Size2.1 MB

Burn Butterfly Burn Book PDF download for free

Burn Butterfly Burn Book PDF download for free

Secrets and lies echoed through the night

The butterfly fled and flew out of sight

Tattered and torn, she faded

Unable to love, she really danced to a new song

Wrapped in flames to keep everything out

They try to convince her to come back and play.

Burn Butterfly Burn Pdf Download

They fight fire with fire and do everything they can

But Savy is a master and will not fall for his plan.

The flames grow higher the more they fight

Until all your love burns everything in sight

What should a butterfly do if it gets too close to the flames?
He flies, he flies away and makes his own damn fire, that’s what.
Savy was burned giving her heart to these carefree boys. She flew out of her cage and built a new one out of fire so no one could hurt her anymore. Now she is writing her own story and you will not be a part of it, her book is closed to you.

His men will do anything to get them back, but when fire meets fire, it creates an inferno that could turn them all to ash.
Burn Butterfly Burn is book 2 of the Masked duo and completes the story.

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The wait for the second book was more than worth it. I always feel a bit betrayed by valuable character building when time is skipped, but still it was a great ending. I think the guys were very excited and also wished there hadn’t been a drunken connection outside of their group, but it was still pretty cool. I definitely recommend the duo, you will enjoy it.

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