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Final Offer book pdf download for free or read online, also Final Offer pdf was written by Lauren Asher.

BookFinal Offer
AuthorLauren Asher
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Final Offer Book PDF download for free

Final Offer Book PDF download for free

Final Offer is an emotional farewell to the dream world that made Lauren Asher so amazing to create the amazing series that it is.

Saying goodbye is such a sweet pain and saying goodbye to dreamland billionaires was definitely bittersweet. Callahan Kane’s story is complex and a journey of self-love. In previous books we saw him as a fun-loving, carefree character, but in Final Offer we see the not-so-nice side of what it’s like to struggle with addiction, anxiety, and what scares you. As a neurodivergent person who also has ADHD and anxiety like Cal, I saw parts of me in Cal that moved me, made me laugh, and took comfort in the fact that neurodiversity was written in a way that at least seemed right to me.

Final Offer Pdf Download

The story of Cal and Alana is a journey and a labor of love. It shows that anything worthwhile takes time, and its appeal is undeniable. What should be will always find each other again. Their love is playful, emotional and meant to be. Alana is such a strong character. This girl is badass but sweet and caring, and as a Latina, it was a beautiful thing to read a Latina character like Alana, who shares her love through food and her culture.

I couldn’t think of a better person to challenge Callahan to but don’t let his playful boyish charm fool you as Lauren brings the heat and this blonde man’s mouth was crazy. Blackout will happen! But like all good things, it must come to an end, and while it was sad to see the end of Brother Kane’s era, his character arc and journey was just as emotional, and it felt fitting to follow them from their beginning to theirs Seeing the ending grow brothers seeing them mature and the ending definitely made me smile but it was a perfect ending to this series. I will miss these characters.

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We all knew that golden boy Callahan Kane would steal our hearts and he did! but second chance romance is a direct PAIN to me and Miss Asher hasn’t stopped torturing! Luckily this was filled with fear, longing looks and flirty touches from 2 people finding their way back! and finally we finally get to know the mysterious alana. She is an absolute queen. I loved meeting her, she is such a dynamic character who has been through a lot in many aspects of life. but despite everything, she carries herself with grace and is full of strength, which made me love her even more.

I love his nerve, he never made it easy for Cal. she always challenged him and i loved to see how she put him in his place ?? there was a lot of pressure and tension in their relationship, they had a lot to figure out, individually and together. I loved seeing the little glimpses into his past because it was so much more meaningful to watch his growth. Trigger warning, there was MUCH PAIN!!!! and it was full of 80% hyperventilated crying but with pain comes beauty and the ending was BEAUTIFUL. Brady Kane, you son of a bitch mastermind!

It’s no secret that Cal battles addiction. During the final sacrifice, we see the true extent of his addiction. It’s hard to see him in the thick of it, and we can see his road to sobriety is tough. but he’s going through the most beautiful character development and I couldn’t be prouder of him.

One of my favorite parts of this book was seeing how it all came together for each of the Kane brothers and their families. Nothing makes me happier than seeing everyone happy after everything they’ve been through.

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My only gripe is that there were moments in the book that felt sluggish and other moments where I felt like I wanted more Cal Alana Romance content. more moments from the past would have really changed the game and helped us see more of what originally brought the two together, but I got over it because the ending really was so perfect.

Rowan, Declan, Cal, Zahra, Iris and Alana make you feel like family and it was amazing reading all of their love stories. Lauren ended this series so beautifully and I really am so sad to say goodbye to the billionaires of dreamland but forever grateful. I have to experience them

Final Offer took me on a rollercoaster of emotions: I laughed, I cried, I felt my heart break, I laughed some more and I cried a lot. Those almost 600 pages (yes, this book is about twice the length of an average length contemporary romance novel) went by so quickly, and I couldn’t imagine how the Dreamland Billionaires trilogy could have ended.

I think of all the Kane brothers, Cal was the most broken of all. Despite his efforts to stay sober from his alcoholism, I understood why he leans towards him more, especially when he’s anxious or nervous in the face of many people who are quick to judge him and think he has nothing to offer, no future at all . and a good-for-nothing who broke Lana’s heart. I rooted for Cal throughout the novel while my heart ached; Losing hope, he turned to alcohol for company and to numb his emotions.

Despite the unconventional way his grandfather approached the property, his time at the lake house was a great opportunity for him to find himself, and in loving Lana he found the will to love himself, himself when it was the hardest thing for him to do. Do. Her character development was exceptional in my humble opinion and the 600 page journey with Lana making love again and going through rehab and AA was really worth it.

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