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Covert Affairs book pdf download for free or read online, also Covert Affairs pdf was written by Misty Evans.

BookCovert Affairs
AuthorMisty Evans
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Covert Affairs Book PDF download for free

Covert Affairs Book PDF download for free

He can’t remember what happened that night in Berlin. He can’t forget it.

NSA psychologist Dr. Genevieve Montgomery broke her one fundamental rule: Don’t fall in love with a SEAL.
As a therapist for special agents and spies, her brain is full of secret identities and covert information. When her own cutting-edge therapy is used on her, she is branded a traitor and the man sent by her to take her life is the very one she fell in love with.

Ian Kincaid understood what was in store for him when he became a Navy SEAL. He knew the enemies he would need to defeat to protect the country from him and the challenges he would face. He never thought that one of them would be the woman he would share his secrets with.

One night everything changes between them. Once lovers, now they are enemies. Can Genevieve prove that she is innocent? Or must Ian eliminate this threat to his country and her heart?

Covert Affairs Book Pdf Download

I loved Vivi’s heart and Ian’s persistence. Vivi almost gave up. She was imprisoned by her own government. Traitor Mark. Ian thinks Vivi is dead. He has spent the last 6 months getting on with her life. He goes to work for SFI and on the first mission he picks up a dead body. The woman who turns out to be his wife, whom he thought was dead.

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How can she be? Vivi is trying to come to terms with how her life will be from now on and she loves Ian, but she doesn’t want him to get caught up in her mess. She doesn’t remember why she was in Berlin in the first place and she has no idea why she is considered a traitor. Until she doesn’t remember something, she can’t continue. Ian won’t let her go again and he will do whatever it takes to protect her from her. After all they’ve been through, can they build a life for themselves?

dr Genevieve Montgomery was an NSA psychologist who had a lot of mysteries on her mind. She falls in love with a SEAL, one of her patients. But when someone uses her therapy against her, she is soon branded a traitor after showing up where she shouldn’t be. She can’t remember that night, and Ian Kincaid, the man she’s in love with, can’t forget when she thought he killed her. Now she is back and ready to prove her innocence. Will Ian work with her or does he have a threat to deal with?

First off, let me say that I haven’t read the first three books in this series, but I was able to relate to this book and really enjoyed it. I’ve been following everything fine, though I’ll definitely be back to catch up on the series. This book is well written with well rounded characters and a well thought out plot. I was captivated by this fascinating story from the beginning and has captivated me throughout.

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I really didn’t want to leave it. This book has romance, intrigue, suspense and is an exciting read. Genevieve and Ian are a wonderful couple and work very well together. I look forward to the next book and reading the first three. I loved this book and highly recommend it.

Misty Evans always writes a great romantic thriller, and Covert Affairs, book #4 in her SEALS of Shadow Force: Spy Division series, is no exception. Gripping, intense, emotional and fun, Covert Affairs begins with a thrilling adventure where we meet Vivi and Ian, the latest additions to the Shadow Force espionage department. Beatrice and the entire team are determined to support Vivi as she recovers from a terrible ordeal and proves that she is not a traitor.

I loved being able to hang out with all the old friends and see how supportive Ian and Vivi were. Much of the humor in this series comes from the banter between the agents. Once Ian has recovered from not killing his wife, he is ready to rebuild that relationship and is determined that HE will be the one to prove his innocence, but they are lost until a friendly nod to the track unlocks his memory of the events. which gave rise to the accusation.

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