Download Daddy’s Next Door [PDF] By Rebel Bloom

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Daddy’s Next Door book pdf download for free or read online, also Daddy’s Next Door pdf was written by Ciara St James.

BookDaddy’s Next Door
AuthorCiara St James
Size1.3 MB

Daddy’s Next Door Book PDF download for free

Daddy's Next Door Book PDF download for free

It all started on a date with a full-fledged male child and ended on the floor between my three incredibly attractive older neighbors.

Did I mention that one of them is my best friend’s father?

I never thought I would live with my dad again, but I also had no intention of my ex-fiancé leaving me. Now that I’m home, I’ve been on dating apps trying to find a prince among crooked photos of D*C and grown men obsessed with video games.

It was not easy.

Daddy’s Next Door Pdf Download

Or at least it wasn’t until I was rescued from a bad date by three silver-haired beauties who were also my neighbors. His suggestion was innocent enough. They really just wanted to show me what a true date with real men would be like. But his lessons were too effective, and now I’m caught up in a scandal…

Dominic is a solid wall of muscle and the CEO of all the silver foxes. I’ve always been a headstrong woman, but when he commands me, I’m putty in her steady hands.

And then there’s Barrett, looking at me with an intensity that says anything but a daughter’s best friend. He’s known me my whole life and also now he’s ready to claim me completely.

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They should all be taboo. Especially since I just started working with them and both my dad and best friend WOULD SURROUND me.

But would I set my life on fire for the three of them to touch me again? Abso-FN-strong!

18+ only. Daddy’s Next Door is a particularly racy laugh at why romance should be chosen. HEA guaranteed!

I loved this book. Sugar is a great character: sweet, funny, uninhibited in her devotion, and a bit of a drama of hers! Dominic, Barrett and Holden are good friends and older than Sugar. Adding them to your relationship makes this group a family. Rebel really did a wonderful job developing these characters and bringing them to life.

The dialogue is sweetly decadent, steamy with a bit of grime, touching, and shows all the love and support of a wholesome family. There has to be some drama, tears and frustration to make it complete and Rebel conveyed those emotions beautifully. I’m hoping for a sequel, novella or book 2 of this book because it was great!

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