Download Dance Butterfly Dance [PDF] By Reese Rivers

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Dance Butterfly Dance book pdf download for free or read online, also Dance Butterfly Dance pdf was written by Reese Rivers.

BookDance Butterfly Dance
AuthorReese Rivers
Size520 KB

Dance Butterfly Dance Book PDF download for free

Dance Butterfly Dance Book PDF download for free

Dance Butterfly Dance is Book 1 of a duet and is completed in
burn butterfly burn
A reason to choose the contemporary romance novel set in the third year of college. Multiple POVs, multiple love interests, very detailed intense scenes, not a full MM but a flowing scene with her in the middle.

Savy St. James is a sad and lonely girl with too many secrets to tell. She hides in her scruffy, oversized clothes and thick glasses, wishing she were brave enough to be seen without her mask.
A small favor backfires, forcing her on a fake date with the school’s quarterback.

Dance Butterfly Dance Pdf Download

He and his three best friends treat her like a play pet and are careless with her until she gets fed up and breaks the deal. But when their secrets are revealed and their masks removed, everyone will burn for it.

Tate Valor thinks this nerdy girl is the perfect choice to use as a shield to keep all the groupies and gold diggers off her back. Savy is a built-in tutor that helps you move your grades around so you don’t get benched. He never expected that the kissing show he forces her to do in public would touch him more than she did.

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Jude Dixon is the wild child, the son of a bitch of the team. Her demented antics, which match her blonde and white hair, multiple piercings, and slightly psychotic personality, couldn’t be any different from that of the shy little doll Tate launched into orbit. He’s the first to see what a sweetheart she is and will claim her if he falls in love with her, even if she doesn’t want to be claimed.

Beckett James lost his chance to turn pro along with his knee. Since football is no longer an option, he is lost and depressed. Savy’s sweet heart and peach-scented hair pique more than her interest. She wants to take off the masks she hides under and see the real one.

Asher James doesn’t give a fuck about the bookworm his friends are obsessed with. He only has one obsession, the butterfly dancing in the cage for him. It doesn’t matter that in two years she never spoke to him. He wants her and only her… until Savy starts getting under his skin and he sees that maybe he was the one in the cage all along.

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