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Doctorshipped book pdf download for free or read online, also Doctorshipped pdf was written by Savannah Scott.

AuthorSavannah Scott
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Doctorshipped Book PDF download for free

Doctorshipped Book PDF download for free

I’m the last single woman in all of Bordeaux.
Okay, maybe not the last.
Just the last one with all her teeth, her natural hair color, and the ability to remember where I left my keys.

Years ago I decided to stay single until I died.
I’m going to infuse the term “old cat lady” with a new, modern meaning.
I do not need a man.
I have my bulldog, my cats and some of the best friends in the world.
My cup isn’t half full, it’s overflowing.

Doctorshipped Pdf Download

My man-free life is going well until the day I start my new job as a part-time teacher for the new doctor’s daughter in town. The sight of this man makes my skin tingle and my breath quicken, and something like butterflies erupt in my stomach.
I don’t feel butterflies for a man.

My reaction doesn’t mean I should change my attitude towards men. After all, Grant is a melancholic, stern, grumpy man. If he did start dating, it certainly wouldn’t be anyone who obviously hasn’t smiled since being forced to do so for school photos.

But then her daughter comes into the room and her face lights up.
This smile. Who knew fainting was a real thing?
Still, I’m not going out. And that’s final.

Doctorshipped is a behind closed doors rom-com that will make you laugh out loud and give you all the feelings. You can expect kissing scenes that could melt your Kindle, but there are no explicit scenes.

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Jayme is perfectly fine with being the last bachelor in her circle of friends. While trying to launch her career as a fantasy writer, she’s too busy to take time out on a date. When he meets the new doctor in town to tutor his daughter, he realizes they have met before under more difficult circumstances.

For this fun readers return to the small town of Bordeaux, opposites attract romance. Doctorshipped is the fifth installment of the Getting Shipped! Row. This is a behind-closed-doors romance, but there’s still plenty of funny banter and passed-out kisses. While this could be read on its own, I would highly recommend reading the rest of the series first. Many of the characters from previous books appear and are an integral part of the plot. (The rest of the series is excellent too, so you won’t be disappointed!)

I love a sweet silly meet up and this one is delicious. Far from looking for love, Grant moves to Bordeaux. Most of the single women in town see him as a reward, but he finds himself unexpectedly attracted to Jayme. Jayme does her best to ignore her attraction to the handsome doctor, but the more time they spend together, the stronger their feelings become. I loved “watching” the relationship not only between Grant and Jayme, but between Jayme and Fiona as well. This girl might be one of my favorite characters in this whole series.

I love this author’s humor. I laughed out loud when Grant’s last name was revealed. His humor throughout the book is subtle but extraordinary. This is my favorite book in the series so far and I can’t wait for volume six.

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