Download Deserving Reese [PDF] By Susan Stoker

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Deserving Reese Book pdf download for free or read online, also Deserving Reese pdf was written by Susan Stoker.

BookDeserving Reese
AuthorSusan Stoker
Size1.3 MB

Deserving Reese Book PDF download for free

Deserving Reese Book PDF download for free
Deserving Reese Book PDF download for free

He never expected to fall for his best friend’s sister, but now that he has…he’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe.

Having a crush on one of your brother’s friends is so cliché. But Reese Woodall isn’t too worried…it’s not as if she’d ever have a chance with the former Delta Force Operative. For one thing, he lives in New Mexico, and she’s in Missouri. For another, since Woody and his team chaptered out of the Army several years ago, she hasn’t seen Gus even once.

Deserving Reese Pdf Download

She’s free to lust after him from afar…but with her brother currently missing, Reese has far more important things to worry about.

Gus “Spike” Fowler doesn’t think twice before heading to South America when he learns his old Army buddy has disappeared—and his younger sister has gone to Colombia to find him. Though he hasn’t thought much about Reese in the last five years, he certainly remembers her. The curvy, sexy, stubborn engineer is hard to forget. He liked what he saw years ago. And now? After she surprises him in the best way during a high-stakes bid to rescue Woody from a drug cartel? He likes her even more.

Safely back at The Refuge, the sparks Reese and Spike experienced in Colombia quickly ignite, and they both find everything they’ve ever wanted in a partner. But they might lose it just as quickly…when the trouble they escaped in South America crosses the border.

**Deserving Reese is the 3rd book in The Refuge Series. Each book is a stand-alone, with no cliffhanger endings.

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