Download Taste of Love [PDF] By Ella Goode

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Taste of Love Book pdf download for free or read online, also Taste of Love pdf was written by Ella Goode.

BookTaste of Love
AuthorElla Goode
Size653 KB

Taste of Love Book PDF download for free

Taste of Love Book PDF download for free
Taste of Love Book PDF download for free


My world is science. The lab and its immaculate surfaces and its deafening silence is the only place I want to be. The study of disease, the chase for cures, the acquisition of knowledge is what matters. Everything but work comes a distant second including sleeping and eating—especially eating.

Taste of Love Pdf Download

 I can’t be bothered with mundane things like food but why is it that this new Italian place keeps drawing me back? Science tells me it must be the food that I can’t stop thinking about but this might be the one time science is wrong. I’m pretty sure that it’s the pretty chef I’m obsessed with and I’m going to get her, too, even if I have to plow through her entire family.


If I were to describe my life, it would be chaotic. The new restaurant my siblings convinced me to open should be taking all of my attention but recently a new customer keeps showing up. He says he can’t eat anything but my food and actually camps out on my doorstep when my restaurant is closed. My brothers are warning me that he wants only one thing. Secretly, I’m hoping that one thing is me.

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