Download Devil’s Daughter [PDF] By Lisa Kleypas

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Devil’s Daughter book pdf download for free or read online, also Devil’s Daughter pdf was written by Lisa Kleypas.

BookDevil’s Daughter
AuthorLisa Kleypas
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Devil’s Daughter Book PDF download for free

Devil's Daughter Book PDF download for free

Although Phoebe’s beautiful young widow, Lady Clare, has never met West Ravenel, she is sure of one thing: he is an evil and lousy bully. In boarding school she made life miserable for her late husband and she will never forgive him for it.

But when Phoebe attends a family wedding, she meets a handsome and incredibly charming stranger who sends a shock of fire and ice attraction through her. And she then introduces herself… as none other than West Ravenel.

West is a man with a troubled past. No apologies, no excuses. But from the moment he meets Phoebe, West is consumed by irresistible desire…not to mention the bitter realization that a woman like her is beyond his grasp. What West doesn’t bargain with is that Phoebe is not a strict aristocratic lady. She is the daughter of a very strong-willed wallflower who eloped long ago with the Sebastian, Lord St. Vincent, England’s most diabolical thief.

Phoebe soon sets out to seduce the man who has awakened her fiery nature and shown her unimaginable pleasure. Will her overwhelming passion be enough to overcome the obstacles of the past?

Only the devil’s daughter knows…

Devil’s Daughter Book Pdf Download

FINAL DECISION: I loved this book. I finished in one go (stayed up late at night) and immediately started rereading passages. Phoebe and West are so cute and sexy together, and I loved the story of West coming to terms with his past, mostly forgiving himself and trusting in the future.

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THE STORY: Phoebe, Lady Clare, is a widow with two young children. When her family attends her brother’s wedding, Phoebe meets West Ravenel, who she doesn’t know but knows everything about. West was the childhood bully of Phoebe’s loving husband. Despite Phoebe’s dislike for West’s actions, she can’t help but be attracted to the charming West. West realizes that her past makes him totally unworthy of Phoebe, even though he can’t stop thinking about her.

OPINION: The story of two people who have an instant connection, but any romance is threatened by West’s past. I loved this book and the characters and it will be one to put on my shelf.

West Ravenel is a man who is beginning to put his life in order. In the two years since he took over the stewardship of his brother’s estate, West has been seen by all as a compassionate, intelligent, thoughtful and hard-working man. But West has a past. Before finding purpose in him, West was a waste by any measure. He drank too much, slept with too many women, picked fights, and generally misbehaved. When he meets Phoebe, she sees her on top of him. What he needs is a decent man who is good to his children and is a role model. West knows that his past does not allow him to be that man.

Phoebe is a widow with two young children. She married the love of her life, her childhood friend of hers, and now, because of her grief, she is ready to return to the family estate and protect her son’s legacy. When she meets West at her brother’s wedding, she is determined that he doesn’t like her because she harassed her husband when he was a child. But Phoebe can’t help but see the good in West: his kindness to his kids, his respect for his intelligence, while he’s willing to teach her about property management.

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This story is about the West and his demons and his inability to see himself clearly. He knows what he has done in his past and cannot bring himself to forgive his own actions. To West, he always comes close to being the drunk, intimidating, unreliable man that he was. I loved seeing so many other people trying to show West that he is worth loving, that he has a full life with a wife and family of his own.

Readers of the Ravenels series will be familiar with West’s journey. Through the previous four books, he became the rock and pillar for the other characters. I loved watching him get his own happy ending after helping others get theirs.

Another thing that worked for me here is that how Kleypas shows the West as a supporter of the Phoebe taking charge of her life and also her son’s estate. He supports her, does not take care of her and becomes her protector. Instead, he values ​​her for who he is and acknowledges her opinion and intelligence. In fact, in a way, West’s final surrender to love is a surrender to Phoebe’s vision of him and his possible future.

Phoebe is a woman who comes back to herself. She was changed by the death of her beloved husband and this book is about finding out who she will be. Phoebe, a strong and compassionate woman (who might otherwise be Sebastian and Evie’s eldest daughter), had the strength to care for her sick husband and now uses that strength to protect her children. Despite her bias against West when they first meet, she sees who he really is and is willing to put her judgment aside.

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This book is also quite interesting between West and Phoebe, but it’s all deeply rooted in their relationship.

What really makes this book stand out is the number of characters from this series and the Wallflower series that appear. This book really feels grounded in the relationships between the characters. I’m a sucker for favorite character performances (and we even get a little bit of Gabriel and Pandora’s wedding).

This series was a real hit for me and this book is a great addition.

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