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Eloise And The Grump Next Door book pdf download for free or read online, also Eloise And The Grump Next Door pdf was written by Jenny Proctor.

Jenny Proctor was born in the mountains of western North Carolina, a place she still considers one of the most beautiful in the world. She and her husband currently reside in the Charleston, South Carolina area and are busy taking care of six children and a growing number of pets.

She loves going for walks with her family and spending time outdoors, but she also loves lounging at home, reading good books or watching good movies and if she’s lucky enough to eat delicious food she doesn’t have to prepare it yourself. Jenny’s romantic comedy LOVE AT FIRST NOTE won the 2016 Whitney Award for Contemporary Romance.

BookEloise And The Grump Next Door
AuthorJenny Proctor
Size572 KB

Eloise And The Grump Next Door Book PDF download for free

Eloise And The Grump Next Door Book PDF download for free

Eloise and The Grump Next Door is a romantic comedy behind closed doors. The Oakley Island romcom series follows three very different sisters as they renovate the home they inherited and find love on the island in the process. Each book will have sizzling chemistry but no spice.

Eloise And The Grump Next Door Book Pdf Download

I loved it from start to finish – it was a hilariously sweet treat, with an endearing grumpy hero and playful, carefree vibes. I intended to review these two authors individually so I jumped at the opportunity to read their first team and it was more than I could have hoped for. The story balances humor and heart, delving into heavier subjects like the loss of a loved one and a dysfunctional family dynamic, while also generating plenty of laughter, banter and a restrained sense of dread.

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I LOVED this couple together, especially the way the sun heroine brought out the grumpy hero’s sticky cinnamon bun center. And for a book that lacks steam, this one was pretty sexy, with so many moments of sexual tension: heated stares, searing kisses, and plenty of increases in intimacy. The age gap/forbidden dynamic also gave the whole thing a significantly slower feel.

The story follows Eloise (21), a woman who thought the days after graduating college would be very different. Her plans to go to graduate school have fallen through, her grandmother has just died and her family feels more distant than ever. When Eloise drives to her grandmother’s hometown for the funeral, the beautiful little island community where Eloise spent some of her summers, she feels bad.

And after a few drinks at the local bar have left her decidedly drunk, a handsome stranger comes to Eloise’s rescue. Unfortunately, Jake (32) is also her grandmother’s attorney and has information that will further confuse Eloise’s plans. But spending time in the cozy community isn’t difficult, and it doesn’t take long for Eloise to see a softer side to the stern and serious Jake.

I’ll admit I’m a little nervous about the age difference, but it all worked out really well: Eloise is at a turning point in her life and Jake is old enough to see things from a different perspective. It certainly adds a lot of friction to their ever-evolving relationship and is perhaps the only harrowing element of the story. The overall tone is light, fun, and just the right kind of whimsical.

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I loved the small town feel, the chemistry between Eloise and Jake and pretty much every character we met along the way lol. I’m definitely interested in reading more about the sisters and this duo of authors have shaped future love stories in such a way that I want to get my hands on these books and that’s exactly what I look forward to every time I read a new one – a-my Author.

This was an overall win, and I didn’t even miss the spice (mainly) because they did a great job of creating the sexual tension and swoon. The focus on emotional connections was amazing and I genuinely loved Jake (even if he was driving me crazy). I loved everything, let’s be honest here.

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