Download Pursued By The Alien Lord [PDF] By Mina Carter

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Pursued By The Alien Lord book pdf download for free or read online, also Pursued By The Alien Lord pdf was written by Mina Carter.

BookPursued By The Alien Lord
AuthorMina Carter
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Pursued By The Alien Lord Book PDF download for free

Pursued By The Alien Lord Book PDF download for free

She is a spy. She’s an alien cyborg who doesn’t like humans… What could go wrong?

Hacker extraordinaire, Raven lives in the shadows and makes a living uncovering the secrets of the rich and corrupt. She’s a good setup until her boss reassigns her to spy on Lathar. All she has to do is break into her super-secure system and find out what they’re hiding from humanity.

Pursued By The Alien Lord Pdf Download

She must be working undercover in the Latharian Mate Program to do that. There is only one problem. The very dangerous and also very sexy Risyn B’Kaar. She doesn’t like people and she is her new boss…

War Commander Risyn B’Kaar does not want to be on Earth and does not want to participate in the Affiliate Program. But he has his orders. At least he just has to get the drain thing ready and then he can go. He certainly doesn’t want his own human partner. No way no way…

But when the show hooks him up with Raven, he can’t let her go. Not even when she betrays him. However, there is a greater betrayal that could take away his beautiful little companion. Can he save her from the forces conspiring against her before it’s too late?

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