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Faith’s Tears book pdf download for free or read online, also Faith’s Tears pdf was written by E.C. Land.

BookFaith’s Tears
AuthorE.C. Land
Size332 KB

Faith’s Tears Book PDF download for free

Faith's Tears Book PDF download for free

Life is never as simple as it is made out to be.


I found my way back to Axel, well he found me, it was like we were sailing on cloud nine. But what happens when another woman comes on the scene and says she’s from Axel and that they have a child together?

Do I believe her and her stories? Or do I trust Axel? He claims it’s all a lie and that he doesn’t remember the woman, but the evidence doesn’t lie. She?

Our lives have been shattered for years and now that we are finally happy and have our little family, this is happening. My tears are all I have in the dark as I figure out what to do or where to go from here.

Faith’s Tears Book Pdf Download

Part of that story was included in the Twisted Steel anthology earlier this year. The story unfolds. In Axel’s Promise, Faith and Axel return after being separated when Axel was shot by an enemy MC.

In Faith’s Tears, the enemy is back and determined to take out Inferno’s Clutch MC and drive a wedge between Axel and Faith. With a growing family to protect, Axel will do whatever it takes to protect them and never leave Faith’s side again.

I love going back and seeing how more was added to each character’s story.

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I loved learning more about Axel and Faith’s relationship. They have a great relationship with each other and as parents of their children.
This story goes into the depths of a love story between them and the way they interact with the other characters in the book.

Axel and Faith finally have everything they could ever want. They are happier than ever, their family is growing and Rico is home. You’ve survived the worst and are on the path to healing and happiness. But outside influences are causing huge problems and they may not recover from this round. This story is a bit emotional, it also has a lot of emotion, chaos and a few surprises.

A fantastic read with a constant flow of story. Although at first it jumps through the story a few months or years. Faith has had a really tough fight. Jealous women, Axel does what he thinks is right, but it only makes things worse. Lots of action, excitement, dangers and surprises. excellent read

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