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Fated To Be Mated book pdf download for free or read online, also Fated To Be Mated pdf was written by Skye Alder.

BookFated To Be Mated
AuthorSkye Alder
Size576 KB

Fated To Be Mated Book PDF download for free

Fated To Be Mated Book PDF download for free

She is not looking for dates.

She was backpacking through Europe with my boyfriend. It was going to be an adventure, one last carefree trip before we began our adult lives.

Then I meet King Romer and things get serious very quickly.

Now I am a prisoner of the king and he is determined to make me his queen.

He doesn’t let her go.

The quiet life of ruling my pack bores me. My kingdom is cut off from the rest of Scotland by the mountains and there’s never much going on here.

So I meet Ren and I can tell things are going to get a lot more interesting.

I know she’s my fated mate, but she’s human and talking to her about shapeshifters would scare her.

She fights me every step of the way, but she’s fine. I have a plan to make sure Ren stays with me. Always.

Fated To Be Mated Book Pdf Download

Romer (H), the changeling wolf king of the Willow Kingdom, can smell Ren (h) as his mate, though he won’t be sure until she turns eighteen. Ren is lonely now that Malia, her best friend, is getting married to King Ryker, and she agrees to accompany Romer to her kingdom; after all, he has a huge library that he wants to explore. Romer and Ren are getting to know each other, though he may be moving too fast and needs to slow down if he expects her to become his queen and mate. Loving companion destiny romance with very hot and steamy action.

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I loved Fated To Be Mated: Book 3 of Royal Rejection. I can’t wait for book 4. Ren wasn’t sure what life would hold for her once her best friend found her king. She thought that she would return to her lonely existence, but Romer had other plans. She knew that Ren was her partner before she turned 18. He just had to wait to be sure and then make her his.

She knew it would be a lot of explaining, but she knew Ren was worth it. When he starts making plans without her, her plans go awry. Will he evict him? A great story and lovable characters. I love these stories of destiny. I definitely recommend this book and the entire series.

This was a fantastic fateful/paranormal romance. I love the way Skye Alder writes paranormal romances, I’m totally drawn to the world and easily accept the premise of shapeshifters and fateful companions. That was the story of Ren and Romer. I loved that they got a chance to bond a bit before they found out if they were destined. Their connection was clear from the start. The story was mostly drama free and I just couldn’t put it down. Now I’m really curious about Noah.

I thought this was a great book. I really enjoyed the connection and chemistry between Ren and Romer. While these two are attracted to each other, Ren questions his past. There is a bit of drama, but nothing Ren and Romer can’t get over without a little honesty and communication. I can’t wait for the next book in this great series.

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