Download Filthy Disciple [PDF] By Serena Akeroyd And Cassandra Robbins

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Filthy Disciple book pdf download for free or read online, also Filthy Disciple pdf was written by Serena Akeroyd And Cassandra Robbins.

BookFilthy Disciple
AuthorSerena Akeroyd And Cassandra Robbins
Size451 KB

Filthy Disciple Book PDF download for free

Filthy Disciple Book PDF download for free

She was an order. A selfish brat who ran away from home and found refuge with an MC. A spoiled pain in the ass that Dad had to bring back. Only Isabelle does not match the picture my initial investigation painted. Yes, she is a brat. Yes, she’s insecure, and yes, she’s a student…sort of. But she’s much more than that. So broken, but so hopeful. So lost and yet so eager to be found. I found them. But that means his father did, too. Bringing her home should repay a favor due. What I didn’t realize was that her home was the most dangerous place on earth.

Filthy Disciple Pdf Download

I was so excited when I found out Filthy Disciple book was coming out. It is a crossover of The Disciples and Five Points mob collection. If you haven’t read these books, then you should. There are some amazing books in this collection that I know you will love and don’t want to miss.
Now these two worlds are coming together and like I said I was very excited and it was worth all the excitement and waiting for it to get here because it was so good.

If you haven’t read The Five Points Mob or The Disciples, you won’t get lost in this book. You are not suddenly thrown into a world that you know nothing about. This is the story of Cade and Cindy.

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Cade is a devoted Five Pointer, but he certainly bears the brunt of his past. Because of this, he was never able to see into his future. He just goes through the motions of life, but now he has a new mission that will take him to Los Angeles and the Disciples’ territory. Not knowing what she was getting herself into, she could never have imagined in a million years that Cindy, an emotionally unstable but absolutely wonderful woman, would walk into her life. Something about her calls out to him, but he needs to focus on his work. However, she constantly tests him for his desire to do the job and return home to New York.

Cindy knows she’s a mess, and she’s been struggling, and every time she feels like she’s doing a lot better, something keeps messing her up. She feels alone and also the world has been devastated in more ways than just one. He brought destruction even to the disciples and their friends. It really has a heartbreaking story that will blow your mind. All he really wants is to find peace in the chaos. When Cade finds out, however, he has to make a big decision that’s the hardest he’s ever had to make.

He could make more of it than they’ve already lost, but he’s not the type of man to let that happen. I can’t really tell you what I’m talking about, but I have so many feelings for everything that happened in this book. You don’t want to miss this one. I didn’t put it down, but the one time I was about to fall asleep around 2am, I picked it up as soon as I woke up.

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