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Things We Hide From The Light book epub download for free or read online, also Things We Hide From The Light epub was written by Lucy Score.

BookThings We Hide From The Light
AuthorLucy Score
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Things We Hide From The Light Book EPUB download for free

Things We Hide From The Light Book EPUB download for free

From Nash’s vulnerability, Lina’s strength and cheekiness to Knox and Naomi’s love, we have the long-awaited sequel to Things We Never Got Over. I fell head over heels in love with the eclectic town of Knockemout and all of its residents. Ms. Score takes us on a journey to find answers, whether it’s about Nash’s memory loss, self-doubt or Lina’s past, she has done it with compassion and competence.

At the same time he laughed, cheered and hoped. This book aroused so many emotions. The passion and the heat between Nash and Lina was really palpable. And I’d be remiss not to mention the chemistry between Lucian and Sloane, which was a fantastic prelude to the third book.

Things We Hide From The Light Epub Download

The powerful and emotionally charged story of Nash and Lina was the perfect sequel to Things We Never Got Over. Things We Hide From The Light Book 2 in the Knockemout series allows us to revisit the bohemian and the diverse town of Knockemout, Virginia. Searing with heat and intensity, Police Commissioner Nash Morgan and insurance investigator Angelina Solavita were helpless against their mutual attraction, even as they tried to fight it. Clever action/suspense scenes add a sense of danger and urgency while helping bring the story home.

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Ms. Score wrote and handled difficult, important and sensitive issues with a unique finesse. While happily absorbing every delicious word of Nash and Lina’s story, I simultaneously wanted to jump back in time (to Lucian and Sloane’s book) and back in time (to see Knox and Naomi for the first time again). The epilogue and the extra scenes made me sob in the best way. Well done Mrs Score. Well done.

There’s no way I can’t dislike a single book featuring Lucy’s sheet music! This is another book set in that special little town of Knockemout starring good-natured Police Commissioner Nash and free-spirited investigator Lina. Lina comes to work, although she keeps it a secret to make people think she’s here to visit her old friend Knox. Around the same time, Nash is shot dead on duty, leaving him in a lost and stunned state. It is only when Lina enters his life that his heart begins to beat a little harder and the fog gives way to frustration, lust, anger and finally love.

Lina is a free and spirited woman who is there to do her job and live life without strings attached, but this sheriff’s stud is hard to resist and impossible not to love. If these two manage to get out of their way, be honest with each other, and avoid the danger that lurks in the shadows, they may have a forever chance. This pair was probably the most doubtful for me to enjoy, but I should never have doubted this author. Nash was this nice guy with an edge.

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While following the rules, he didn’t turn around, was grumpy at times, and never lost his faints. Lina is almost the complete opposite of my favorite heroines with her stubborn and free nature, but she showed so much vulnerability and tender moments, especially with Nash. He was immersed in the mystery and suspense as he invested in their growing love.

I’m dying for Lucian’s book with his leading man and this book has continued to cement it as a must read for me for 2023. Knockemout stories are so special and full of character, and this book is no different. I really loved every minute of their adventure and also these characters. I can’t wait to see them again!

The highly anticipated sequel to Things We Never Got Over and WOW WOW WOW!!! Things We Hide From The Light book is absolute perfection!
Affectionately known as Angel and Hotshot, our protagonists Nash and Lina struggle with life-defining adversities experienced in their youth and some in the not-so-distant past.
There is so much excitement, intrigue, suspense and humor – Things We Hide from the Light is absolutely exquisite!

The vulnerability that Nash and Lina share (very reluctantly), Knox and Naomi’s wedding, and the emotional depths of the entire supporting cast – nobody, and I mean NOBODY, portrays a small town as masterfully as they do! Lucy score! I think creating communities and depicting human relationships is her superpower!

I read this book in one go, it’s just incredible. I cried, I laughed, I was on the edge of my seat and I felt these deep emotions as if I were experiencing them myself. Once again, the author delivers an adorable rescue dog, nosy neighbors, small-town shenanigans, and an EPIC love story guaranteed by HEA.
I would recommend Things We Hide From The Light book to anyone who enjoys reading good stories!

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